I Had A Health MOT & Here’s What Happened

Health MOT at the gym

Does anyone else think it’s damn near impossible to actually be healthy? Our bodies are amazing, but damn it’s hard work to look after them sometimes. And that’s coming from someone who isn’t even good at looking after themselves roughly 8.5 times out of 10.

A little while back, I decided to have a “health MOT” at my gym (it’s free for members as a way to monitor your fitness). It’s recommended by them that you have a health MOT every 3 months to see how you’ve progressed. As this was my first, it was all about seeing where I was at and the steps to take to get where I want to be.

What is a Health MOT?

Well, it’s basically a free health check where a personal trainer carries out a few tests and measurements including your BMI, resting heart rate, waist to hip ratio, blood pressure, blood sugar and a few other bits to basically get a good idea of your fitness levels.

You also go through a questionnaire about your health and habits – which I recommend you answer honestly because there’s no point in saying you drink 12 glasses of water a day when you actually drink 2 at most. You ain’t fooling anyone but yourself.

My Health MOT results

I went into my Health MOT meeting with low expectations, if I’m honest. I knew my fitness levels wouldn’t be great and that I weighed more than I wanted to. Still, I wanted to get an overview so I knew what to focus on other than wanting to drop a dress size.

The meeting takes about an hour, and includes going through the results so that the PT can make recommendations and you can ask questions about anything you’re unsure of. You are then emailed a Health MOT report which breaks down your results and actions to take to improve.

So how did I do? Here’s a few of the findings!

BMI (Body Mass Index)

I’ll be honest – I think BMI is bullshit. It put me as slightly overweight, and although I’m not exactly happy with my weight I equally wouldn’t say I am necessarily overweight. I think it’s a lot to do with my height tbh, and because I come in at just shy of 5 foot, maybe BMI assumes I’m a child and maybe my weight is heavy for a child? I blame my big boobies and bum.

Still, I would like to aim to lose a little bit of weight, even if the BMI still stays amber rather than green.

Blood Pressure

The good news is, my systolic blood pressure is in the ‘good’ range, hurray! Bad news is, the diastolic is a little high. The diastolic is the lowest pressure when your heart relaxes between its beats and a higher than average reading can indicate high blood pressure problems. Lucky for me, I recently went to the doctor’s and they said it was only slightly higher than normal and nothing to be concerned about. Woohoo!

Resting Heart Rate

This was a result that was no surprise to me – my resting heart rate is higher than normal, but only just. I knew this anyway but it was useful to find out that it is pretty close to being at a normal level whereas before I just assumed it was super high.

Aerobic Fitness Level

If you have a high level of aerobic fitness, it’s supposed to improve your exercise performance which also means you’re less likely to get physical diseases such as coronary artery disease as well as mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Well, this is recording to the report I got, anyway.

For my result, I sat in the average range for a woman of my age. This was a bit of a relief tbh because I just figured my fitness levels would be crap. There’s a lot of room for improvement – but hey, that’s why I started going to the gym!

Cholesterol and Glucose Levels

To check your cholesterol and glucose, they have to take a small amount of blood by pricking your finger. Luckily the person who did my test used that whole “blink and you’ll miss it” technique where it was over before I realised it had happened.

The results were good too – with both levels normal. This may partly be because I wasn’t eating chocolate the month I had the health MOT done (my glucose levels are probably sky high now I’m back on the stuff!).

What I’m going to do now

Now I know where there is room for development, it’s time to spring into action! I’ve been going to the gym once or twice a week but am going to aim more for the two to three times a week average as I am seeing positive changes already.

Most importantly, I’m going to remember that getting fitter and healthier doesn’t have to be a race, and I don’t need to make a load of sacrifices to improve my health.

So here’s to the next health MOT – hopefully the results will show signs of improvements!



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