Harley Quinn Costume On A Budget

How to make a DIY Harley Quinn costume

Halloween is usually a non event in my life. The last time I celebrated it in any way was with housemates at Uni. This feels a lifetime ago.

But this year, things are different. Me and Liam are inviting around a couple of friends for a meal, a Halloween quiz (put together by a very proud and excited Liam), and perhaps even handing out treats to any trick or treaters! And of course, there’s got to be a bit of dressing up!

Now I know that Harley Quinn is a rather popular choice of costume to some maybe, but I thought making this sort of costume my own would be fun! So, I set to create the Harley look on a budget.

This was going to involve some sewing, which I am not great at but maybe that’s OK? You can be the judge…

How to make a Harley Quinn costume

The materials:

– 1 red and black skater skirt (easy enough to make if you have a sewing machine…mine happened to be an old skirt I never really got round to wearing) 
Cost: £0.00 (if buying the fabric etc, this really won’t set you back much! Skater skirts are very cheap and easy to make I hear)
– Black hair spray (although I’m yet to decide whether I’ll be using this on the night!)
Cost: £3.99 
– Black sewing thread (I got red as well just in case but ended up not using it)

Cost: £0.79 per thread roll
– Black elasticated eye mask from a fancy dress shop

Cost: £1.50
– Small pack of needles (because I thought I’d lost mine)

Cost: £0.79
– Black tights
Cost: £0.00 (c’mon, we all have a pair knocking around)
– Red tights 
Cost: £2.00 from Primark
– 2 red t shirts (I only ended up using one) and 1 black t shirt
Cost: £3.00 each from Primark
– Black biker style boots
Cost: £0.00 (these are an old staple of mine, but Primark and Asda are currently both stocking similar styles for around £15-£20)

Method (to my madness)

So the first task was to create the half red, half black top. I did this by cutting a black t shirt in half (haphazardly), and then slipping it over half the red shirt and folded away the black edges to look like this: 
Harley Quinn red and black t shirt tutorial
Next step was to secure the two halves together before getting sew-crazy. I didn’t have any proper pins, so I had to use spare needles to try keep things together. It could’ve gone better. 
harley quinn red and black costume tutorial
To save time and to avoid wanting to give up, I went for rough stitches down the front – it’s not important for it to look perfect, as long as it stays together. 
Once the front was all sewed up, I did the back, and then along the bottom and neckline to make sure it was secure.
Red and Black top Harley Quinn

Ta da! It’s not completely straight (and the back is hella wonky), so I’m sure you could do a much better job! I’d recommend using a pencil or pen to mark the line down the front and back so you have a guide to sew to.

Harley Quinn tights DIY
Next up, I did the easiest bit. The tights. All I did here was cut a pair of red tights in half and pull the cut off up one leg after putting on black tights. 
I considered stitching it into place, but it’s not really necessary as if you roll up the top a couple of times, it keeps it secure. 
Next, tie your hair in bunches and add the eye mask! I also used some black lipstick to complete the ‘look’, but it was a bit cheap and nasty and hasn’t quite given off the impact I was after! It might be worth splurging a little with this accessory so it doesn’t look like your lips have a disease.

Harley Quinn black mask

harley wuinn pigtails

Easy Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

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