Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Cannot believe it’s 2016 already, am I right? It’s pretty crazy. I threw together a little video the other day where I say ‘um’ a million times and talk a bit about 2015 and also answer the New Years Resolutions Youtube Tag.

I am trying not to set any firm resolutions this year, as they so rarely go to plan. I have got a few ambitions for 2016, but 2015 was a year where I did put a lot of pressure on myself and ended up having a somewhat stressful year so 2016 is going to be more about going with the flow. I do want to make certain things happen this year (namely driving which I mention a few times in the video), but I want this year to be one that is less driven by stress (excuse the pun) and where the decisions I make and actions I take are better thought out.

In terms of the blog, I don’t have any solid blogging goals at the moment. I’m less driven by numbers nowadays than I ever have been I think, and am feeling more comfortable with MAC now that I’m over here on WordPress and it’s looking snazzy! I just want to work on continuing to improve the content here (as well as the video content on Youtube), and I also want to actively be more involved in the community to help some of my blogging predictions for 2016 to come true (mostly the point on skill-sharing as this is something I’m pretty darn passionate about).

So guys, here’s to 2016 and all the awesomeness it shall hopefully bring!

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