Happiness Goals: July 2015

Happiness Goals - Slimming World and Psychologies magazines

So I’ve decided to start a new series on the blog, seeing as I’ve been feeling a bit down about things. I recently read in Psychologies magazine (a new read for me), that goal setting is all about turning our values and dreams into reality.

Now, I’m not about to get all wishy-washy on you guys, because it’s not me. However, I am going to look at setting one goal each month at the beginning of the month, and then sharing my progress the following month when I set my next goal.

These will purely be short-term goals (or in my mind, quick wins) to make me feel happier in myself. I do have longer term goals, but rather than spurring me on, these long term aspirations have made me feel down. They’ve felt incredibly out of reach, and so choosing goals that can (hopefully) be accomplished in a month means I’ll be able to pat myself on the back during intervals towards the larger goals!

This month’s goal

This month, I want to focus on my health. I need to remind myself of how well I have done so far in shifting the 12lbs I shifted on Slimming World. Whilst I won’t be going back to group or rigidly following plan, I want to cut down on chocolate, sweets and caffeine and make smarter choices when it comes to meals. I still find the magazine a big inspiration, so I’ll be trying out some recipes and reading some success stories!

I’m not going to completely cut out anything (because I’d give up pretty quickly if I was denying myself treats!), it’s just about moderation. I always feel physically and mentally ‘better’ when I eat well, so it’s about time I got back to better habits!

How I’m going to measure it

Instead of being obsessed with a number on the scale, I want to focus on how good I feel. Do I feel less sluggish? Do I have more energy? Do I feel comfortable in my own skin?

I think these are much healthier ways of measuring success than urging the scales to tell me what I want to hear!

John Green motivational quote   I can, I will motivational quote

What’s going to spur me on?

Hopefully the fact that I’ll be feeling better in myself by eating less rubbish! I’m also going to try and get more exercise and use my Fitbit Flex (review) to try and reach my ‘Steps’ and ‘Active Minutes’ goals as many days of the week I can!

I’m also hoping you guys will help spur me on too! I am going to try and remember to tweet about my progress through the month using #happinessgoals if you want to keep up to date/give me a kick if I’m not keeping on top of it!

Wish me luck! Let me know if you have your own Happiness Goals for this month as I’d love for you guys to get involved!


  1. Jasmin Charlotte

    Good luck! I do find goal setting to be really helpful to spur me on into action so I do try and do them regularly! I've been trying to be healthier recently too but it is hard when you are on hols. My fitbit definitely helps me to stay more active too, I love it! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. lonestarsky

    Good luck! I've recently started setting goals again after months of just drifting through life. I'm hoping they'll keep me focused over the summer!

    Exercise and eating well can be hard to stick to but you'll feel so much better for it! I really want to cut down on sugar too, I know I eat far too much of it!!! x

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