Halloween Fun

Harley Quinn DIY costume and vampire

So who else had a super fun Halloween? I sure did!

The evening was spent with our friends Emma and Nick (who dressed as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad!), where we did a Halloween quiz that Liam put together, as well as eating a yummy meal of mummified meatballs. I also made some blood spatter cupcakes, but I was the only one who indulged in the end.

What do you think of our costumes? The colour co-ordination was not at all intended, but was a happy coincidence! You can find out how I made my costume here.

We only had 2 trick or treaters in the end – I answered the door to the first and there was stood an adorable little girl wearing zombie make-up! Very sweet. With the lack of knocks on the door though, we now have a huge tub of Haribo sweets sat in the kitchen untouched.

I think we’ll definitely be trying to do something for Halloween next year – it’ll be my turn to put together the quiz this time!

What did you get up to for Halloween?

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