Great Ideas & Why We Have Them

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are literally thousands (if not more) posts out there all about how to have great ideas. I’m all for them, as sometimes I get stuck in a rut of finding it impossible to be even remotely creative.

But, instead of recycling some bullet points on how to create good ideas, I thought I’d write about why we have them and what they mean – particularly to fellow bloggers and other creatives out there!

Great ideas are often the result of not-so great ones

Coming up with a great idea is often due to an internal battle where some rubbish, or not so good ideas have been bubbling.

It’s that “a ha!” moment (one for the Alan Partridge fans, there) where two, three or even more thoughts and feelings come together in a logical way that basically sets our minds on (hypothetical) fire.

Great ideas allow us to grow

When I first came up with the idea of this blog, all I knew was that I wanted to write about “stuff”. I never knew just how inspired I could get.

This blog has developed massively since the beginning, and I can tie this all together with how I have grown as a person too. Without great ideas, this blog would be stagnant and I wouldn’t have had half of the great opportunities I have had.

Great ideas keep us motivated

Sometimes, when things aren’t so good in certain aspects of our lives, we can throw ourselves into the “creative process”, and truly motivate ourselves to move forward. That bad day, week or month suddenly doesn’t seem so bad because we’ve really pushed ourselves creatively. Be it a blog post, a painting or even a business idea, having a great idea is what makes us strive.

Great ideas come from nowhere

Hands up if you’ve ever had a great idea in an inconvenient place – where there’s no where to write it down, or when you were meant to be concentrating on something else.

At the time this might seem incredibly annoying – but really, it’s incredible. The fact that something can pop into your head from the depths of your brain is a wonderful thing. But maybe next time take a notepad around with you or something, yeah?

Disclaimer: My new favourite notebook was sent to me as a free sample by Flamingo Gifts who sell loads of cool stuff for stationary and homeware nerds.


  1. Sian Edwards

    This is really interesting, and a great take on creative ideas! I've definitely had some ideas that haven't quite worked but have then led me to an even better idea, so just because an idea hasn't worked out isn't always necessarily a bad thing 🙂 I always keep a notebook on me now just in case an idea strikes! (Also, that notebook is so cool!)

  2. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun! 🙂 I often have the beginnings of ideas that then turn into something quite different, but much better! I love the notebook, it's so cute and ideal to pop in my handbag for the commute to work x

  3. Catherine Gallagher

    This has made me a bit more motivated to plough through my "ideas list". I often think of my ideas late at night, but honestly? – Mostly while I'm in the shower!

    PS Your notebook is literally the cutest thing.

    Catherine x

  4. Cat Fyson

    I hope going through your ideas list goes well! I mostly think of my ideas late at night too – can be annoying when you're ready to sleep!

    It's lovely isn't it? Really good quality too 🙂 x

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