Gone Girl & A Meal At Bill’s

Hey folks!

So on Saturday me and Liam went out on what I have decided to call a ‘date day’. He just calls it ‘hanging out’ (spoil sport).

It’s always nice spending time just the two of us which doesn’t just involve sitting and watching the telly…no, instead we went to go and stare at a bigger screen for a few hours where we saw Gone Girl.

I won’t share too much about the movie, because there’s a few twists and turns that I’d hate to spoil. Both me and Liam agreed that it was OK, and not much more than that really. We both love Ben Affleck so enjoyed his performance, but as a whole the movie felt a bit lacking in parts.

After the film we popped to a couple of shops, Liam picked up a new PS4 game and some Blu Rays, and then we decided to have dinner at Bill’s.

I adore Bill’s – I think the food is fab and their pink lemonade is to die for. This time round I tried the chicken and chorizo burger which was rather tasty!

Unfortunately, although he did really enjoy his duck pie, Liam wasn’t quite so sold on Bill’s. He loves his veggies and his dish didn’t come with any so it was much like the movie…a bit lacking!

Have you seen Gone Girl yet? What did you think? Also fellow Bill’s appreciators..feel free to recommend the next dish to try!

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  1. Elena Ilic

    Haha – this made me laugh and reminded me a "date-night" I had a while back! Fair play we didn't go out – but I tried to all girlie and domestic about it… I must say I had fun preparing the whole spectacle

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