Giuseppes Worthing Italian Restaurant

Guiseppes Italian Restaurant Worthing

Carpaccio Italian Starter at Guiseppes Worthing

Guiseppes Worthing Spicy Spaghetti



Sorry guys, you’ll have to excuse the phone snaps as I didn’t take along either of my “proper” cameras when I took a recent visit to Giuseppes Worthing Italian Restaurant.

The reason for the visit was that it was mine and Liam’s sixth anniversary on 25th January. We both had to work during the day, but Liam ever so kindly drove to Worthing after he finished work to take me out for a slap up meal, and Italian is always number one on my list of cuisines to stuff my face with on any a special occasion.

I was recommended Giuseppes by my driving instructor of all people – he had taken his wife there a few times and always had a good meal. He warned me it wasn’t the cheapest of eateries in Worthing, but that’s not really what you want on an anniversary is it?

We rocked up at the restaurant about ten minutes early (just before 8pm), and the place was already pretty rammed. They were clearly waiting for a particular table to clear so the main waiter led us to the back of the restaurant to sit at an empty table until the other empty table they wanted us at was free. It struck me as a bit odd, because where they seated us to wait was completely empty with loads of tables free and was nice and secluded. I can only assume they only open that part at the weekends!

After a short wait which gave us just about long enough to start the debate over which starters to get, we were brought back through to the front of the restaurant to a table next to the window. I usually dread being seated next to a window because it can get god damn cold, but we were both quite cosy.

Let’s get to the food now, shall we? Because let’s be honest, it’s what we’re all here for.

For starters, me and Liam decided to order one dish each and one to share. The starters are ‘Italian small plates’, supposedly a bit like tapas but the portion sizes were pretty decent! Liam went for calamari, whilst I opted for carpaccio. I can’t speak for Liam’s starter because I hate calamari, but my carpaccio was delicious! It came with a rocket salad and was drizzled with a lemon oil dressing and I’m still dreaming about it now.

Our shared dish was Polpette Catanesi, otherwise known as meatballs in a tomato sauce. This dish was a classic example of Italian’s turning ‘average’ dishes into crazy deliciousness. We almost had a fight over it because we both wanted more than half the portion!

Onto the mains, Liam went for a veal ravioli, and I opted for a spaghetti dish with olive oil, chillis and garlic. I embarrassingly had to ask the waiter how hot it was, as I’m a bit of a wimp with chillis, and he kindly offered to make it milder for me.

I have to admit, although the spice level was ideal, the dish was not really anything to sing and dance about. Although nicer than several meals we had in Rome, it just lacked a certain something to make it special. However, it was made up by the fact that the garlic bread was several shades of tasty. I think Liam felt very similarly about his ravioli, which could have done with something on the side like some salad for a bit of variety on the plate.

At this point, I’m pretty full but it doesn’t take much coercing to choose to have dessert. I was tempted by their chocolate fondant, but felt it would be too rich after quite a heavy meal so opted for strawberry ice cream. It tasted just as good (if not better) than the gelato I had when we visited the Pantheon. Liam went for the banoffee pie which I swear was loaded with alcohol because it was all I could taste when I tried a bit!

The service in Giuseppes was infinitely better than any of the places we went to in Rome – they were incredibly attentive and polite, without being pushy for us to leave as it was quite late by the time we’d finished up. What’s more, I expected the bill to come to over £100 given the amount of food we had, but it came in at a very reasonable £60.

If you’re a Worthing local, I definitely recommend giving Giuseppes a try – although we weren’t blown away by the food, I would definitely want to try and sample more from the menu. Plus, the staff were so great that I feel they deserve the business!


  1. sophie

    I love Guiseppes, they always go above and beyond in terms of service and nothing is ever too much!Even when we recently went for a big family do and they hadnt got our meal choices, they just whipped up 12 starters and mains alongside the rest of the busy restaurant. They also have a good kids menu!

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      They really do, don’t they? They were very sweet to us 🙂 That’s good that they are the same to big groups as they are to couples!

  2. Hannah

    My boyfriend is originally from Worthing and I’ve not heard of this restaurant, it sounds great though! Service is a massive part of the experience. I think we’ll have to give it a try when we visit his house again!

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      You really should, it’s great 🙂 I hadn’t heard of it before and my family have lived in Worthing since 2006!

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