Friday Flowers

March 20, 2015

For me, Friday is generally a come-straight-home-pop-to-the-gym-or-have-a-nap-then-tidy-the-house sort of day. That is after a half day of work, anyway (haters gonna hate).

But today, I decided to be a bit different and go for a mooch in town where I bought some new trousers, some hot chocolate to try (frivolous), and later on I also treated myself to some beautiful roses from our local Tesco.

Whilst yes, I did do *some* tidying of the house, I balanced it with a few treats for myself. This week has been a toughy with illness earlier in the week, and lots to catch up with at work, but I can now happily say I am ready for a weekend of chilling, maybe a little baking, and generally just rewarding myself for being awesome.

The point of today’s post really is to say there’s no harm in treating yourself to the niceties of life sometimes!

Happy Friday ya’ll, make the weekend count.

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4 responses to “Friday Flowers”

  1. Kirsty M says:

    Ahh, I totally agree with treating yourself! I always buy myself a wee bunch of flowers from Tesco, it's just the best way to cheer up a grey day. Hope your illness prob was short lived and you're feeling better xx

  2. Cat Fyson says:

    It just brightens up my day instantly, especially when they're a beautifully bright colour! x

  3. Such lovely roses and such a pretty colour! Definitely agree that we should treat ourselves! Hope you're feeling better now and you had a nice relaxing weekend 🙂 xx

  4. Cat Fyson says:

    Aren't they just?! Love them. I am feeling better, weekend wasn't particularly relaxing, but have a week off work next week, woo! x

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