I bet you thought you were done with them now the New Year is here, am I right?

Well, I got a bit tied up over the Christmas and New Year break and didn’t get round to writing up a post about my freelance business goals, so here I am frantically typing away so it doesn’t go up so late in January that it becomes redundant.

I thought it might be useful for those starting out in the freelance world this year to get an idea of the sorts of freelance business goals a fellow new business owner has in mind. I know how lonely it can be starting out and feeling a bit lost with it all, so hopefully this will help!

Freelance Business Goals #1: Finish my business plan

I had every intention of finishing my business plan around the time I started it, but luckily in a way, client work took over. This year, I’m going to make sure I dedicate time to deciding where I want my business to go and how to get it there.

I don’t have much more of it to do, but the area I need to work on most is tightening up my service offering and marketing my business more consistently!

On top of that, I also want to look at ways of diversifying my income so that when there’s quiet times for the business, I still have opportunities to earn.

Freelance Business Goals #2: Tackle imposter syndrome

When you work for yourself, imposter syndrome is a total and utter bitch. It’s like the Katie Hopkins of emotions. You hate it but it won’t seem to go away.

Well, much like Ms Hopkins previous employer I am firing imposter syndrome in 2018. BYE, FELICIA.

But how? Well, the plan is to take some time to develop my skills through online courses and local workshops so that I can feel like the best business owner I know I can be. I know I’m great at what I do, but I want to continue to feel well and truly on it this year by up-skilling wherever I can.

Any online course recommendations that are preferably free or low cost, holla at me!

Freelance Business Goals #3: Put myself “out there” more

In 2017, I joined a couple of local networking groups and in all honesty I love going along to them. They are a good opportunity to avoid being a hermit by actually going out and meeting people, but they also serve as a good way of practising my “elevator pitch” for new clients.

I’ve already gained some work from face-to-face networking and so I want to keep it going and growing in 2018 as one of my main freelance business goals. I’m thinking of joining the Chamber of Commerce to see how they can support me as well, but my main goal here is to look for as many opportunities as I can to go and tell people about what I do!

Freelance Business Goals #4: Be patient, be proud

In general, as well as making it one of my freelance business goals, I’m trying to become more patient as a person. When you give up a full time job to work for yourself, you’re naturally eager for the business to be successful as quickly as possible.

At the moment, successful to me is making as much as I used to working full time and then the next level of success will be making more. Those feel like sensible steps but in 2018 I need to take pride in how far I’ve come already instead of just focusing on wanting more!

Considering I have been working for myself for just a few short months, I am doing well and I need to remember that even if there’s some way to go before I really feel like it is.

Freelance Business Goals #5: Continue my freelance vlogging

If you subscribe to my Youtube channel, you’ll know I do weekly freelance vlogs where I share my experiences of working for myself. I try and make these videos as value adding as I can (which will continue in 2018), but I also need to remember they are also for me to look back at in the future to see how far I’ve come!

I’m also hoping in 2018 to do some additional freelance related content over on Youtube as I’ve had a few requests and months ago I promised a Freelancer Q&A – I promise it’s on the way…

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