Back in March of last year (OMG ALMOST A YEAR AGO WTF), I wrote a post sharing five pieces of bad advice for bloggers. It turns out that it made a few of you chuckle, and is one of my most popular posts.

So y’know what? I thought I’d share five *more* pieces of bad advice for bloggers. Who ever said creativity was dead.

Oh, and FYI – for the love of all that is rose gold or marble, do not take this advice seriously.

(More) Bad Advice #1: Keep unfollowing people when they follow you back

What a fun game to play with your fellow bloggers! Keep them on their toes as you follow them on Instagram, then unfollow them, then follow and unfollow again.

I mean, I’m not sure exactly what you’re getting out of this, but it seems pretty popular so it must be the way forward!

(More) Bad Advice #2: Leave one word comments

“Nice”, “*insert emoji here*”, and “Love” are all totally acceptable and highly encouraged ways of engaging with your fellow bloggers.

They clearly show you have read their post/Insta caption with great attention to detail and that you are very supportive of their content! Bonus points if you can do this en masse to as many blogs/Insta accounts as you can, spread the love y’all!

(More) Bad Advice #3: Steal other bloggers photos/use stock photos and claim them as your own

Photos are easy, right? So no harm in just using one you found on another blogger’s site or one of those free stock photo sites.

What’s the point in crediting either – what a waste of time! Just claim them as your own and everyone will be so impressed with your photography skills!

(More) Bad Advice #4: Be heavily “inspired” by other blog posts

There’s a lot of great blog posts out there from other bloggers, so why not completely copy their ideas? CTRL+C, CTRL+V…easy peasy!

Ain’t nobody got time to come up with original ideas anymore anyway. I’m sure any blogger would be flattered that you’ve been “inspired” by their content!

(More) Bad Advice #5: Share passive aggressive subtweets about other bloggers

It’s the best way to get involved in the blogging community! You’re guaranteed to get some responses and really get a conversation flowing.

Don’t forget to start the tweet with “No offence” / “Is it just me or….” / “I’m not being funny but…”.