Five Blogs That I Turn To For Inspiration

I have to admit, I don’t read anywhere near as many blogs as I should. I concentrate so much on putting content on here and sharing it that my reading list is actually pretty small. However, it does have some hella inspirational blogs written by hella inspirational people and so I thought I’d share five of the blogs I always turn to when I need a little bit of that sweet, sweet inspo.

Rhianna Olivia

One of these days Rhianna is going to start thinking that I might be a bit obsessed. But it’s purely because I think we are pretty alike and would get on IRL, and that’s definitely the sign of a great blogger when you feel like you can relate to them and that it wouldn’t be awkward af if you ever ended up grabbing a coffee together.

Rhianna’s content is awesome, and I’m particularly inspired by her AMAZING photography which I know I’ll probably never be able to replicate but hey, as long as I can keep swooning over her blog post photos and IG grid then it’s a-OK.

Check out her blog right here, right now – you won’t regret it!

Hannah Gale

I mean OBV Hannah is going to feature here because she is the queen of blogging and her blog has been a big inspiration of mine for flippin’ ages. I love her style of writing and again how relatable she is. Hannah has done an awesome job of really defining what makes a great lifestyle blog – she’s able to cover a load of different topics but still maintain her “brand” and voice.

Without fail, if I’m feeling uninspired by my blog, my first port of call to get that fire back is to click on through to Hannah’s posts and have a good ol’ read.

If you haven’t checked out Hannah’s blog (where have you been hibernating?!), click here.

A Cornish Geek

If you’re a bit of a geek/nerd/dork then you’re missing out if you’ve never checked out Emma’s blog! She’s a proper stationary nerd like I am (and also likes her comics, too) so I love stopping by her blog to be reminded that blogging really is all about sharing our interests with the world.

Although I probably don’t share all of my nerdiness on the blog, I do try from time to time to incorporate it in some way…even if it’s just in the style I write or the odd reference here and there – but Emma, for me, leads the way in sharing her true geeky self with the Interwebs!

Visit A Cornish Geek for an awesome mixture of lifestyle, nerdery and more.

A Branch of Holly

Any of you who are regular readers of this blog will know that quite often I share posts about blogging, including tips for new bloggers. But I bet you were wondering who I turn to for blogging tips and ideas, weren’t you? HUH?!

Well, it’s A Branch of Holly. Her content is how I would want my content to be if I had the time and energy to create the way that she does. Her blog is SO useful, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their blog more seriously.

Click here to check out Holly’s awesome blog. 

Eleanor Wears

Last but definitely by no means least, we have Eleanor’s blog elleanor wears. The reason I turn to this blog for inspiration is because without fail, Eleanor writes with real honesty about all the topics she covers – whether it’s a makeup palette or a heavier topic such as mental health, she pours her heart into all of the content she produces.

I’m sure I speak for most if not all bloggers when I say that this is how we all want to come across in our posts.

Read elleanor wears now and thank me later.

Which blogs inspire you the most?


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