Fitbit Flex Setup And Review

Fitbit Flex Activity Wristband Review and Instructions

Last Thursday, my Fitbit Flex arrived from Amazon in the most fiddly of boxes to open. Whilst the outer postage packaging was a breeze (as it normally is with Amazon), the inside box containing my new activity tracker wristband was an absolute nightmare. I probably burned many calories just tearing into it to reach the contents!

Once I was finally inside the box, I pulled out the contents you can see above: 2 wristbands, tracker charger (the tracker is hiding the the larger wristband), the thinner than expected instruction book, and whatever the hell that small thing is at the front. After a week I’m still not sure what it’s for!

So, why did I buy a Fitbit? I’d heard good things and had been eyeing one up for a while. On first thoughts you might assume the Fitbit Flex is an overpriced pedometer, but it does much more than that. But first of all, let’s go through the set up!

Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker

This here is the Fitbit tracker. This tucks inside the wristband and is the clever bit of tech that monitors your activity and syncs back to the phone app. But whoa there! First you need to download the app and set up your account on Fitbit.

Fitbit App Height Fitbit Flex App Weight
Upon filling in login details, you get taken through several screens to input the numbers you’d expect. Height, weight, date of birth, blah blah. It only takes a couple of minutes to go through this whole process, and it will then populate your profile with this key data.
Charging Your Fitbit Tracker Instructions
After this simple setup, you’ll be taken through how to set up the tracker – from charging it via USB, to placing it inside the wristband (read this instruction carefully, as I ignored it and spent a good 5 minutes trying to put it in the wrong way!).
Adjusting Fitbit wristband
Next up, it gets a bit fiddly. If you’re using the larger wristband, the clasp will already be attached, but if you have baby wrists like mine, you’ll need to push the clasp out of the large band to use it in the smaller. This is the easy bit. The hard bit is getting it onto your wrist.
It’s only difficult because it takes a bit of force to push the clasp through the holes, as you need to squeeze it together with a thumb firmly on top, and a finger pushed underneath. It’s hard to explain, and the app does a better job if it, so I’ll leave it at that! I’d love to say it gets easier the more times you do it, but I still struggle with it!
So that’s the setup done! On to my first thoughts…

Fitbit Flex Review

The first thing that struck me as odd was the calorie burn which seems extraordinarily high. It’s apparently based upon a variety of factors that I’ll admit to being a bit ignorant of, but I just ‘hide’ this data on my profile as I’m mostly interested in steps taken and Sleep tracking (more on this later…). It will apparently become more reflective the more I use it. I think it’s also more accurate if you log your calorie intake, which I haven’t really bothered with!
Secondly, I’ve noticed after a week of using the tracker, that it is a little sensitive on the pedometer side of things. This is likely because I wear it on my dominant wrist (i.e. my left as I’m left-handed), so I’m thinking of switching things up to see a difference.
The aspect I’ve mostly been impressed by is the Sleep Tracker. It seems much more accurate at recording the time my sleep is ‘restless’ (i.e. when I’m tossing and turning in bed), and also tells me how long I’ve been asleep for. Learnings from this week? I sleep a pretty decent amount every night (around 7.5 hrs) with an average of 10-20 mins restless sleep. Not bad.
Fitbit App DashboardFitbit App Dashboard
Another nifty feature that I initially had my doubts about was the silent alarms. I thought it might be a bit risky turning off my weekday morning 6am alarm on my phone for a silent one, but it works really well and I wake up not feeling shocked and rudely awoken (does anyone else wake up almost in a state of panic when their phone alarm goes off?!). 
The silent alarm simply sets off a subtle but effective vibration of the wristband which has managed to wake me up effectively each time. 
One of my initial doubts about the Fitbit was how comfortable it would be wearing a wristband all the time. The answer? Surprisingly comfortable. I hardly notice its there (unless I accidentally do the clasp up too tight), and the rubber doesn’t irritate my skin at all or cause any sweat under the band. I do take mine off when showering (even though you don’t have to), so it keeps things hygienic! You can also wipe clean the band to keep it in tip-top shape!
I’d ‘score’ the Fitbit at this stage a solid 8/10. It’s not perfect (and I imagine the results get much more specific with the higher grade Fitbit products), but it’s done a good job and the app is great for tracking everything you want to know, with added extras such as the food log, and also a water log to keep you on top of things. The battery on the tracker is also pretty damn decent and lasts a long time.
The Flex is just as suitable for the everyday person who isn’t really into their fitness, as it is for a gym bunny. If you have any interest at all in tracking your activity, and setting goals to improve it, then buy the Fitbit Flex now! I bought mine from Amazon for £52

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Glad to hear you're still loving it! I am hoping to keep using mine too 🙂 I love that you can buy the bands pretty cheap to co-ordinate heh 🙂 x

  2. KatieLouise

    Oh, I love my fitbit. I bought it mainly for the sleep tracker, because I was interested in seeing what my sleeping was like. Love the silent alarm too!

    When you say the calories burned seems extraordinarily high, are you taking into account that the body generally burns around 2000 calories (Above/below depending on the person of course) just by simply being alive? :3 They do advise people to wear it on their non-dominant hand too, as it will be more accurate. And the little usb plug thing is a wireless thingy so you can update your stats on a pc instead of using an app! (:

    How are you getting on with it now you've had it a couple of weeks?

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