I’ve always found the ocean to be incredibly calming. When I feel totally overwhelmed, whilst also feeling completely lost, I can rely on the crashing waves and gentle sea breeze to bring me back.

Watching the lapping water and breathing in that freshest of all air, I can easily empty my mind of any worry. I can imagine the problems being washed away, even just for a little while.

It’s really important sometimes to take the time to find calm – because calm can be pesky and can hide away when you need it most.

Having had problems with anxiety, I know what it’s like to pretty much feel like calm has legged it in the other direction, and all that’s left is pure unadulterated worry. It’s not true, it just really, really feels like it sometimes. But calm always comes back, says sorry and makes you feel that bit better for a little while.

It’s a vicious cycle sometimes, but knowing where to look will always help.

Where do you find your calm?