FF #4

Happy Halloween y’all! Something wicked this way comes… it’s this week’s Friday Faves!
Harry Potter Hotel
So I’d be surprised if you lot haven’t seen this already this week, but doesn’t this HP themed hotel room look amazing?! I’d definitely stay there… hint, hint, Liam.
Happy 25th Birthday Gameboy
I love a good parallax scrolling site. They just look damn cool and make me wish I knew how to create them. This example from IHateTomatoes is amazing, paying homage to the Gameboy console (who else played Pokemon Yellow and Blue obsessively on one of these?!)

Wins Of This Week

1. Discovering the low syn value of some Weight Watchers ready meals… it’s sad but true that convenient Slimming World friendly meals make me so very happy.
2. Finally seeing the infamous cryface in Dawson’s Creek (and maybe falling in love with Pacey)
3. Buying our first pumpkins…we wanted to do Halloween properly this year so tonight is all about costumes, Jack O Lanterns and fun and games 🙂
4. The extended Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer. OH MY GOD I’M SO EXCITED. 

5. Having our friends over tonight for some Halloween fun!


You’ll probably notice this week’s wishlist is workwear orientated – that’s because I start a new job on Monday and am very much feeling the need to invest in more ‘grown up’ work clothes..

1. Petite Flippy Pleated Skirt – this looks really flattering and a good go-between for work and a nice evening out.
2. Petite Check Blazer – I love this New Look blazer and will definitely be on the look out for it this weekend! £19.99 is a pretty decent price for a nice blazer too!
3. Dark Tan Brogues – I have wanted a nice pair of brown brogues for so long and this shoe from Clarks looks built to last!
4. Red Roll Sleeve Shirt – this looks super comfy but also pretty formal as well . Always a win.

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  1. Emma Farley

    I'll always love Pacey. He's so much better for Joey than Dawson – although I saw Dawson's Creek the wrong way round (seasons 4 and 5, then 1-3, then 6), so I never thought Dawson was right for her.

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