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Doctor Who Teaches Programming

I can’t decide if I’m more overjoyed or jealous that kids are being encouraged to learn coding through games nowadays… it’s a skill I wish I had picked up from a young age! Maybe one day I’ll finally sit down and get started on Code Academy.

25 Signs Your Almost 25

It was creepy how this Buzzfeed article appeared on my Facebook feed when it’s so close to my 25th birthday. Let’s just say that quite a few of these definitely resonate! Number 7 is totally my life right now.

20 Things Only Short Girls Understand

Becky from milk bubble tea definitely feels my pain. I adore her post about things that only short people understand. As a fellow under-five-foot-er, I can totally relate to many of these points!

Food Wins This Week

1. Porridge with cinnamon and apple slices
2. Slimming World spag bol – with leftovers enough for 2 weekday lunches
3. Milky Bars…I haven’t had any for years but had to relive the experience on Monday (and Wednesday…) with a sneaky afternoon treat
4. Fruit glorious fruit! The colder weather usually makes me trade in fruit for more calorific snacks, but I’m making a conscious effort to avoid this.


1. The Happiness Project – I’ve heard really good things about this book, and it seems like the ideal read for my commute!
3. Starbucks Caramel Gift Set – I pretty much want this for the caramel syrup. Although the mug is pretty nifty too.
4. Cath Kidston Stanley Glasses case – I am in love with CK’s Stanley print, there needs to be more patterns focused around this adorable doggy.

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