FF #2

Hey folks! Welcome to volume 2 of my Friday Favourites 🙂 I’m planning on shaking things up every week so it won’t always be the same sorts of things that I share. With that in mind, let’s crack on!

Five Favourite Things This Week

1. Decaff tea in the evenings, after a nice hot shower.

2. Picking up Wired Magazine…I always find most of the articles interesting, but I rarely remember to pick it up.

3. Muller light yoghurts. They are my post-meal saviour when I’m craving chocolate. But I did also give in to chocolate by mid-week. Oops!

4. Watching The Apprentice on Wednesday night…I forgot how funny it can be! Firebox’s tweets were also perfect.

5. Managing to catch the earlier train as it was ever so slightly delayed one day this week. If I catch the earlier train I don’t have to take a second train on the way home. Winning!

The Border Walk

Liam pointed me in the direction of this incredible and also terrifying blog that is written by someone he went to school with.

The Border Walk set out to be a project where 2 men would walk from Cardiff in Wales, to Cardiff in Australia.

The journey covers a huge amount of fascinating and dangerous places, made all the scarier that one man had to leave due to Visa problems, so more recent entries are now by the man who is continuing to travel alone.

I highly recommend giving the blog a read as it’s really fascinating and at times mind blowing that someone has put themselves in such a vulnerable position in some of the most dangerous places on this planet!

Bad Lip Reading

The genius’ at Bad Lip Reading have released a Part 2 to their Walking Dead videos. Although Part 1 gave me more chuckles, Part 2 is also worth a watch if you’ve seen the show!


Did you catch this story of a “mass kiss-in” at a supermarket in Brighton? Whilst it’s sad to see people can still have homophobic attitudes, it’s lovely to see a community rise up against it.


1. The Body Shop Argan Oil Body Butter – I know I harp on about The Body Shop, but I really do love their products. I even reviewed some other products from the range, here.
2. Yankee Candle Sugared Apple – I haven’t whiffed this yet, but I bet it smells divine.
3. Groot Funko Pop Vinyl Figure – because We Are Groot
4. Go Away I’m Blogging Mug – don’t tell me you don’t want this too! 

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