FF #1

I know every blogger and their cat does Friday Favourites, but I’m here to jump on the bandwagon because I love reading these types of posts, so thought it was about time I started creating my own.

With the FF series I will be sharing links I’ve enjoyed during the week including videos and blogs, as well as a little wishlist of bits and pieces that have caught my eye. I hope you enjoy!

Confession: This first #FF post has been a culmination of 2 weeks, seeing as last Friday I was beyond exhausted and the post was only half written!

Scary Stories

I love a good creepy story – when I was a bit younger I used to scour the web for creepy ‘true’ stories. Now I’m older, I know the place to go is the /nosleep subreddit on Reddit. They aren’t always consistently good, but there are definitely some gems.

Liam sent me this link recently, which was a series of stories originally posted on reddit. It gets pretty dark, so only click through if you can handle it! The author presents the stories as the truth, and part of their childhood, but I don’t buy it. However, it doesn’t make the tales any less scary! Sorry in advance if this gives you nightmares…

Happy Music

Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? HOW GOOD IS THE SOUNDTRACK? This song is in a brilliant scene and is so so catchy. It’s been on repeat lately. Can you blame me?


In my world, a week is not complete without reading at least one Buzzfeed article! This list of things you’ll find funny if you’re British is brilliant! Note: there are a few swears throughout 😉

Ten Second Songs

A colleague of mine sent me this, and it’s genius. This guy can sing songs in loads of different styles, from heavy metal to 90’s boy bands.

Nobody Knows What The Hell They Are Doing

A great share from another one of my colleagues, this article perfectly sums up the reasons why we really shouldn’t be worried about ourselves in relation to others. My favourite quote: And the truth, deep down, is that we all feel as though we’re just winging it”

Newly Discovered Blogs

I’ve been lucky enough recently to have discovered a brilliant blog that has made it to my reading list! Hannah Gale.

Hannah’s blog is a great mix of life, beauty, fashion and more including this fantastic post all about happiness.


1. New Look Tartan Dress – nothing says Christmas is almost here like dark tartan!

2. Dorothy Perkins Spot Peg Trousers – because polka dot trousers are the dream.
3. Nikon 55-300mm Lens – my current lens is hopeless at close ups!

4. John Lewis Red Sewing Machine – ever since a friend showed me how to use her sewing machine, I’ve wanted one of my own!

What have been your Friday Favourites? Feel free to link to your FF posts in the comments!

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