Evenings By Candlelight

Lately I’ve felt the need to truly unwind in the evenings, and my favourite companion (OK, second favourite after Netflix) for a really chilled evening is a lit fragranced candle. There’s something very calming about the way the light flickers and adds a minute but comforting warmth to the room.

My Sugared Apple Yankee is a favourite of mine because even though it’s a festive scent, I feel like the smell adds a sense of homeliness at any time of the year. It avoids that horrible trope of some fragranced candles where the smell is completely overwhelming and hideous. Instead it’s subtle, sweet and entirely lovely.

Aside from the candle and the Arrested Development marathons on Netflix, other ways I enjoy spending a relaxed evening include: eating chocolate, listening to George Ezra on Spotify and curling up in bed embarrassingly early.

How do you spend a relaxed evening? 

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  1. Danielle Eskdale

    You know, it's not even just scented candles for me. I love just normal candles. When there'd be powercuts when I was a kid I loved having all the candles lit and I could definitely of lived with having to use candles before electricity was invented.


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