Easy Peasy Tortilla Pizzas

Tortilla pizzas recipe

A few weeks back, me and Liam went to Pizza Express and I tried one of their Leggera pizzas which have the lovely crispy thin base and delicious salad – it was amazing. After that experience, the other night I finally got round to giving tortilla pizzas a go.

Tortilla pizzas are exactly what you’d think – a flour tortilla with pizza topping. But despite their simplicity, they really do taste very similar to the Pizza Express dish that I tried. Here’s a super duper easy recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to make. Yes, you heard me. Less than 10 minutes.


1-2 Flour tortillas per person (depending on how hungry you are/the size of the tortillas)
Tube of tomato purée
Green pesto (this is optional, I just really love pesto)
Any other toppings such as different cheeses, fresh herbs or cooked meats.


First, preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Lay out your tortilla(s) on a chopping board or other flat surface. I microwaved mine for a few seconds just to loosen the base a little as they had been in the fridge, but I imagine it’s not really necessary.

Cover the bases in as much tomato purée as you wish – bearing in mind some brands can be quite rich. I used Sainsbury’s own and lathered like so:

Healthy pizza for lunch
Be careful to not go too close to the edges – although from experience I’d say to go a bit further out than I did because the edges can get quite dry once baked.
Pizza tortilla with pesto
Next up, spoon on some pesto and spread out. Again, don’t go crazy with the pesto as it’s quite a distinct taste and you don’t want big lumps of it. I used about a teaspoon per tortilla and spread it fairly evenly (although the picture might suggest otherwise!). If you’re not using pesto, this is a good stage to add any fresh herbs.
Pizza tortilla to grill
Then add the grated cheese. I wouldn’t recommend adding big chunks as they tend to take a while to melt, and you don’t want the tortilla to burn in the process! After the cheese, add a small amount of cooked torn chicken or whatever your heart desires (personally, I wish I’d had some chorizo in the fridge).
Now it’s time to bung it in the oven! I placed my two ‘pizzas’ on a foiled baking tray in the middle of the oven. I’ve read a few recipes that say to leave them in for 10 minutes, but mine would have burned to a crisp. 
Check after 5 minutes and then play it by ear – if the cheese has melted and the sides are looking nice and golden brown, then it’s time to take them out.
Pizza tortilla end result
Ta da! The finished masterpiece. I think this is a brilliant recipe for left over tortillas after fajitas (does anyone else think they put way too many in a pack? They should do fajitas kits for couples instead of parties!), and it makes a lovely lunch time meal with some salad on the side. 
Have you ever tried tortilla pizzas before? if not, have I tempted you?

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