Easy Detoxing Tips With Time4Sleep

I’ll admit, I’ve never been crazy about the idea of “detoxing” – clean eating and all that malarky just isn’t for me at all! So, when Time4Sleep got in touch and asked if they could send a detox box, I let curiosity get the better of me and jumped at the chance to see what I’d receive.

In the box came a this works candle, a sleep mask, 2 face masks and a Detox Yourself book. I was instantly struck by the smell of the candle which is a mix of chamomile and lavender which is supposed to help you sleep. The fragrance alone was actually quite calming.

Having had a flick through the book, I found some interesting recipes in there that might be worth a try – I’m all for using fresh ingredients instead of processed foods, but you won’t find me feasting on salad leaves and butternut squash for 7 days. Hell to the no. I think the book would be perfect for anyone who really wants to take a detox seriously though!

I’m yet to try out the eye mask, but it’s lovely and soft, so I imagine it’s just perfect for a lazy Sunday snooze. I’ve never used one before so it should be interesting!

Finally, the 2 face masks come from Superdrug’s range – a cucumber cooling mask and a detoxing dead sea mineral mask. I’m especially curious about the dead sea minerals one, as I’ve heard many good things about how dead sea minerals are meant to be good for dry skin.

In honour of the gift that Time4Sleep have sent, I thought I’d pick out the top 5 things I do want to introduce into my life to detox!

Digital Detox

I said to myself months ago that I would try a ‘digital detox’ by avoiding the web for a while, but alas…I’m an addict. Instead I’ve decided to do a digital ‘declutter’ by sorting out my Feedly feed, tidy up my social accounts and shock horror…I might even consider deleting 1 or 2. Primarily Pinterest as I hardly ever use it. But we’ll see on that one…

Drink More Water

I do not drink anywhere near enough water, unless I’m at a restaurant for some reason. For a drink I’ll usually grab a cup of tea, or sometimes I’ll be so busy or just wrapped up in doing nothing at all, that I’ll forget how important it is to hydrate! I’ve heard you can get reminder apps that tell you when to drink up, so if anyone has recommendations do let me know in the comments!


Because I work full time, I don’t get down to the gym as much as I’d like. I’m usually shattered by the weekend as well, so it’s rare I’ll even make it there the twice a week I promised myself I would. I need to push myself to get to the gym more often, but also go for more walks during my lunch break, and step away from my desk a bit more to stretch my legs.

Remember How Food Makes Me Feel

OK, this might sound odd but after I eat ‘bad’ food, I do tend to feel pretty bad. This week I pretty much dive-bombed off the healthy eating wagon for a variety of reasons, and I’ve been feeling a bit ill all week. Admittedly, I have enjoyed the indulgence of having pizza, profiteroles and other such delicacies, but when I eat more fruit and veg, I do feel 100 times better for it.


What I need to do is pop on one of those face masks, have a lie down and chill. I had a tough week this week, so it would be nice to take some time off work soon and do very little with that time! I’m thinking the first week of April just after all the intense part of work is over and projects are coming to a close.

Disclaimer: Time4Sleep contacted me and sent me the detox box featuring the above products. Opinions and top tips are my own.


  1. Womantary Lotty

    Oh cat, I hate the gym I just can't face it. So I gave it up and work out at home much easier after a long day at the office. I always try and take time for myself, I to have a full on, stressful job and If I didn't I'd be a mess. A long bath at the end of the day is my guilty pleasure. x

  2. Cat Fyson

    I hate the gym too, but feel hella good after I've been! I can't work out at home though, I get distracted by anything that doesn't involve working out. I bet a long bath is lovely…I tend to unwind with a long shower instead! x

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