Diary Update 1

You guys – it’s somehow already July and I still have an Easter egg left uneaten. That’s really saying a lot about how time is just passing me by right now.

So here’s the thing. I want to introduce this new diary series right here to keep you as updated as I can with just ~general goings on~. Some of my favourite blog posts to read are the ones that read like a diary, just sharing what’s been happening in the writer’s life. I’m sure I’ve done this format, or similar, before but here’s hoping I can keep it going!

Now feels like the right time to introduce this too, as tomorrow I am starting a new full-time job, working for an amazing charity and starting the process of saving up a deposit so we can get a mortgage and hopefully be out of the renting cycle in the next year or two. HURRAH.

But let’s start with a few recent life highlights, shall we?

This week was the end of an era – I had two leaving do’s. One for the job I went part-time with a little while back that I’m now waving goodbye to, and one for the contractor role I’ve had since the beginning of the year. Leaving do’s always make me feel 1,000% uncomfortable as I am 2,000% awkward about having attention on me and saying goodbye to people.

For the contractor role, we went out for Nando’s on my last day Wednesday, and honestly, I am hella sad about leaving that team. They are a hilarious bunch and I do hope that the “stay in touch!” isn’t just the obligatory British politeness kicking in because I do actually want to stay in touch with them all. Huzzah for social media, right?

The very next day was my leaving do for Canine Partners – I’ve worked with them since 2016 and it is HARD to say goodbye. Not just because of the lovely people (one of which I would list as a close friend), but because the work the charity does totally stole my heart the moment the job popped up. Before I worked there I was in a really unhappy place, working a job I didn’t like and living back at home with my parents which is never ideal in your 20’s. CP came along and although like any job it had its ups and downs, it really was a turning point for me.

We celebrated my last day with probably the best brie, bacon and cranberry sandwich to ever grace my lips. I got some lovely presents, including a mug with photos of Dexter on taken by my incredibly talented friend Elly. It felt wholly surreal at the end of my last day, as I hopped in my car and drove to stay at my parents.

Those end of an era moments are always weird for me. I don’t truly feel them at the time – it’s only later when I find some time alone to think that it all sinks in that certain chapters have ended, to start new ones.

Before I spiral, let’s move on shall we? GOOD PLAN!

Lately, Liam and I have been doing quite a few cinema trips – although I won’t be returning to sharing film reviews here, I do have a Letterboxd account so you can have a read of my thoughts on everything we’ve watched in the past few weeks (and beyond). I *highly* recommend going to see the new Spider-man ASAP because it’s a lot of fun.

We also recently went to a summer fete at a local village – 100% not something we would have necessarily done in the past, but we saw there was a dog show and we’ll both jump at the chance to go see some adorable doggos. We were not disappointed.

Speaking of things that are also very much not disappointing (wow what an excellent segway you guys), we have booked a holiday! We are off to Skiathos, Greece in September to soak up some sun, eat lots of food and drink cocktails while Liam belts out ABBA songs when we do a day trip to the island where they filmed Mamma Mia!

I’ll leave you with one more thing to round off my first diary update – those who regularly read my blog will know that this year I have been getting into running! Although I skipped this week’s parkrun (and am away for next week in Bournemouth with family), I am still really enjoying getting fitter and improving my stamina. If you fancy reading more about my running journey, this recent post talks about how it’s changed my outlook and been hugely beneficial to my mental health.

That’s it for this time – I’m not sure when my next diary post will be but I’m sure I’ll keep you updated on how I get on with the new job!


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