We Went To See Derren Brown’s ‘Miracle’ Show!

Derren Brown 'Miracle' Tour Live in Woking

Back in November, I bought tickets for me and Liam to see Derren Brown as a birthday present (it was also, rather selfishly, something I’ve always wanted to do – see him live). We’ve both been super excited to see him since then, and the day finally came on Saturday!

That morning we loaded up the car and drove to Woking to the Premier Inn where I had booked for us to stay that night after the show. I didn’t realise how close Woking is to where Liam lives (near Chichester), so we could’ve probably drove back that evening but hey ho! We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on shows happening at Woking in the future though as the journey was only about an hour.

Anyway, I digress. We arrived at the hotel, checked in, dropped off our stuff and walked into the town centre to see what was there, which turned out to be…not much. I had heard good things about Woking, but it just seemed to me to be an average town with the usual shops and not a lot else. After a look in a few shops we ended up going to Carluccio’s for an early dinner. I had tweeted out for some more adventurous suggestions on where to eat, but I guess none of my followers live in the area!

Sufficiently filled with pasta and prosciutto, we meandered back to the hotel walking along Basingstoke Canal (probably the highlight of Woking, to be honest…), and got ready for the evening’s entertainment!

Derren Brown ‘Miracle’ Review

Walking back into the town at about 7pm, we arrived at the New Victoria Theatre about 15 minutes before the doors were due to open to take our seats. After picking up our tickets from the Box Office, we decided against tackling the ridiculous queues for a drink and went to find where we would be sat.

We were in the Royal circle on the aisle, which turned out to be perfect. The view was ideal, and we didn’t have to trample over people to get to our seats. The theatre has this really bizarre layout, where there are no middle aisles, so those with “the best” seats have to traipse passed lots of other people to reach them. Not ideal.

The show started around 15-20 minutes later, which allowed Liam ample time to take about a million selfies (and roping me into a fair few, too…). Until the show started, there was a clock projected on the stage, ticking away. It was equal parts annoying and exciting, as it built up the momentum but the incessant “tick, tock” did grate a bit!

But it eventually stopped – and the show began with projections and a voiceover from Derren to introduce the theme of the show. I’m not going to tell you too much about the contents of the show as I don’t want to spoil it (plus, he does ask ever so nicely not to give away what happens) – but the overriding theme is the idea that the present is the only truth. The past is an interpretation of how we remember things, and the future is about what we imagine.

It might sound a bit like hippy-mumbo-jumbo, but it does make for a really interesting view of the word “miracle” itself and how it can be interpreted. Naturally, the word “miracle’ has religious connotations to it, and Derren explores this through his views and interpretations of faith healing, a popular phenomenon in America.

Throughout the show, Derren performs some truly miraculous things. I honestly could not tell you how he did anything that he managed to do other than to tell you what I’ve always believed – that he is in fact some sort of demon. In all seriousness, I think he might be an actual, real life demon. How else can he read minds, predict the unpredictable and perform “tricks” that are just…unbelievable?

I went into the show wondering whether some of the “magic” might be ruined for me by seeing him perform live, but the complete opposite has happened. I am even more astounded by the things he can do. What’s more, he is a truly fantastic performer. The show is dark at times, thoughtful and meaningful. But he still manages to make an audience laugh with seemingly natural quips.

If you’ve never seen Derren perform live before, then I strongly urge that you do. Even if you are sceptical of his abilities, in fact especially if you are sceptical, go and see it before your very eyes and then tell me you think he’s a fraud.


  1. Katie

    Ooh sounds intriguing! I love stuff like this, but I’ve never really felt the urge to go see a show… But now I feel like I really should haha! I do love a good live performance!

    1. Post

      You really should! It was a bucket list thing for me, and totally worth it. Even if you’re not really a fan of DB, it’s worth checking out to see if you change your mind!

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