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About a month ago I made the decision to get contact lenses. I’ve never been a big fan of wearing my glasses, and will only wear them when I absolutely have to. I’m short sighted you see, so I only really put them on for work, when watching TV or on my laptop.
I wanted to be able to start seeing clearly for those other parts of the day, and so I eventuallymanaged to make an appointment at my local Specsavers after being screwed around a bit over contact lens technicians’ availability. More on that later.

So, I had my contact lens fit and although I was about ready to hit the technician when I was trying on the contact lenses (“Don’t blink! Stop blinking!”), he was very helpful and set me up with my 2 week trial of bi-weekly contacts. I think this was a mistake.
By day three of wearing my contacts, I couldn’t see out of my right eye. My vision kept blurring and I could feel the lens scratching my eye. I was working that day and stupidly forgot to bring my glasses so had to go home and take out my lenses and work at home with my glasses. A royal pain as I pay about £7 to get to and from work every day.
I decided to stop wearing them until I could go back and talk to them. Admittedly, I had the Bank Holiday weekend where I could have gone in to see the Specsavers staff in Worthing, but with the car boot sale going on, it wasn’t my top priority – after all, I had an appointment for the following weekend (this weekend) to go and see them for a check up on how my trial had gone. Emphasis on had. I got a call at work on Tuesday that my appointment had been cancelled as the technician would not be in. It boggles the mind why they booked the appointment in the first place – surely they don’t let their technicians swan off on holiday if they have an appointment booked for them. Fair enough if they’re sick or something, but it still seems slightly off the mark that they booked the appointment with such confidence and called me several days before the appointment to cancel it.
Anyway, after this long process I have decided to not rearrange the appointment, but instead go with another opticians. I will likely switch to dailies as they are apparently more ‘delicate’ on the eyes and seem to be the preferred type of friends and family.
Maybe I am being really impatient, but I am surprised at what a nightmare it is to get a contact lens technician appointment. For my contact lens fit I tried 5 different opticians for appointments, all of which had a 2 week or more wait. Most appointments were in the week which is no good to me because I work in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps I should start a petition for opticians to hire more contact lens specialists…

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  1. Beth

    Sorry you've had a bad experience with contact lenses 🙁 I've only ever gone to Specsavers and they're not great, I must admit. I did have a lot of trouble with mine at first, but they do get better as you and your eyes get used to them. Daily lenses are great, I'd definitely recommend starting with those first. I wear the monthly ones now as they're cheaper, but I still take them out every night to give me eyes a break. Fingers crossed it gets better for you! x

  2. Cat Fyson

    Thanks for the comment hun 🙂 I am hoping to eventually get set up with dailies and be happy with them, but I have found myself wearing my glasses a lot more since the whole situation!

    Glad monthlies are working for you – maybe they will for me one day x

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