Confessions Of A Foodaholic

I am obsessed with food. It’s true. I’ve not always been this way (in fact, I went through a phase of not really enjoying food much at all), and there was a time where I was really quite fussy.

There are some foods I don’t like/won’t eat (seafood), and there are some that I can’t get enough of. As my weight has changed over the years in a yo-yo like fashion, I’ve really realised that I have some slightly shameful secrets around food – so I’ve decided to confess.

If I could afford it, I’d probably have a roast dinner every weekend. Preferably cooked by someone else, and preferably beef (but with stuffing).
I have mine and Liam’s Nandos order saved in the notes on my phone twice
I eat chocolate almost every day. I always have to have some available because the craving usually hits in the evening. I really need to kick the habit.
When I was 5 I ate a gone off pizza and was sick in my sleep. After that I didn’t eat pizza for about 5 years. Now I bloody love it.
I used to eat fish fingers when I was younger but for reasons unknown (or forgotten), I no longer eat any fish. The thought of eating it makes me feel ill.
I went to the same American restaurant one day a week for a month. Now I don’t like going there.
If I eat anything too sugary early in the morning, I get really shaky. I avoid ever having jam on toast even though it’s yummy.
I go from not feeling hungry at all to feeling faint, hot and shaky from hunger in what seems like a really short time.
It would probably be much better for my health if someone came and cooked my meals for me seeing as I tend to opt for jars and packets for ease.
Do you have any food confessions?

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  1. Rachael

    Great post! I can't bake cakes as often as I want too because i'd just sit and eat it. BBQ chicken pizza from one of the American pizza take out places (Jets) is my favorite all time pizza and my guiltily pizza is a tuna one!

    Oh and I often spoon peanut butter out of the jar when the husband isn't looking!

  2. Cat Fyson

    I'm the same with cake – I love baking cupcakes but I just end up stuffing my face. I'm boring when it comes to pizza, it's all about Margherita or Pepperoni!

  3. Beth

    I love this post! I too am obsessed with food… I have to satisfy my sweet tooth with three marshmallows every evening x

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