Confessions of a Comic Book Nerd

Comic Book Nerd Confessions

I’ve been reading comic books (well, graphic novels which collect comic book issues if we want to be pedantic) for a little while now, and have become a self-professed comic book nerd.

Sure, I don’t know the Civil War storyline, and I definitely haven’t read as many comics as others likely have, but it’s a medium I’ve become increasingly passionate about, because comics really are for everyone.

I thought for a bit of fun I’d share some of my comic book related confessions…

Comic Book Nerd Confessions

I have a ‘to read’ pile that’s almost as big as the ‘already read’ pile. I do show some level of restraint when out and about at comic book shops, but sometimes I just give in and add to the collection. I own graphic novels I have had for months and still haven’t read yet. Oops.

I get equally as nerdy about the TV shows and movies. It’s not enough for me to be utterly obsessed with The Walking Dead comics, I also love the TV show too. Other comic TV shows I am a fan of are Daredevil and Jessica Jones. I still need to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Arrow, but there’s only so much time in the day, eh?

I love watching The Talking Dead. So if you don’t know, The Talking Dead is basically a chat show that airs in  the US after showing The Walking Dead. They basically spend an hour deciphering the episode, and I always love it when the comics get a mention, particularly when being compared to the show.

I love learning about new comics. I don’t just like to stick to what I know, I do quite like to branch out. Saying that, I do have my favourite distributor, Image Comics, which I very rarely stray from…

I wish I could create my own comic. I am hopeless at drawing, but am always inspired by the awesome artwork in some of my favourite comics. I guess scribbling in my Deadpool colouring book will have to do…

I follow nerdy news. Most of the news I read about in the comic book world is planned adaptations – for example, I know that Preacher and Chew are both being adapted into TV shows, whilst Y The Last Man has been through the motions about being adapted into a movie.

I am not ashamed of talking about comics. Occasionally, the topic of superhero movies and whatnot might come up at work – and I will likely be the person sharing more information than anyone asked for about its plot. But never spoilers, I’m not evil.

So there’s just a few comic confessions for you! Do you also read comics? What are your favourites? If you don’t, I’d love to hear what puts you off reading them so I can swiftly attempt to change your mind!

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