Coming Clean

Christmas decorations flatlay

I’d really love to tell you guys that in my absence of not posting for a week (SHOCK HORROR!), that I have been up to some super exciting things. The fact is, I’ve really not.

EDIT: Liam got upset that I didn’t mention the fact he cooked for me and a few of our friends at the weekend where we had a lovely Christmassy reunion with some old Uni chums. But before that…

I was ill yet again last week and slept pretty much 99% of the time for about 4-5 days. I still have the annoying cough to tell the tale. But anyway, I didn’t decide to come out of hiding from blogging with a complaint about world’s most horrific cold.

Instead, I’ve decided to post to let you know that I am planning on some changes around these parts. After much hassle with my old domain registrars, I have now moved over to another one and am in the process of moving the hosting over too. Going back and forth with emails between the old and new registrars has not exactly put me in the mood to blog.

On top of moving the domain and hosting over, I also plan on switching from Blogger to WordPress. I’ll be honest, the thought of it scares me as it seems rather complicated, but I’ve been really impressed with TSO Host so far who have sent me useful resources and explained bits and pieces that have confused the hell out of me. I highly recommend them – so feel free to use my affiliate link to get yourself signed up.

I’m crossing all my fingers and finger-like toes that I should be up and running on WordPress in time for the New Year. There may be some downtime on here, so do bear with me!

Other than discussing A records and DNS settings in countless emails (yawn), I’ve also relished in making a start on my Christmas present wrapping whilst burning some of the tealights from my Yankee Candle advent calendar and listening to Sia songs on repeat. I have struggled to feel particularly festive this year, but I think I am finally getting there – the week before Christmas. Better late than never, right?

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