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On Easter Sunday, me and Liam popped into Chichester to go and visit our favourite shop – Comics Games & Coffee, aka CGC Emporium. It’s really what it says on the tin – a shop that sells comics, games and coffee. Whodda thunk it?

CGC first opened a few months ago, and fast became a reason for regular visits into Chi. They also sell Funkos and other nerdy paraphernalia, as well as running gaming events, and for just £3 per person, you can sit in the shop and play games. This was the reason for our visit, to find a new game we hadn’t played and give it a go with the help of Tom, one half of the dynamic duo that runs the shop (the other half of the duo is a guy called Owen, fyi).

My stipulation for the game we chose was that it was fairly quick and easy – call me simplistic, but I am the type of person that is not a big fan of games that have tonnes of rules (much to Liam’s chagrin). We were recommended one called Camel Up, which is marketed as a kid’s game, but shouldn’t be sniffed at.

The premise of the game is that you are betting on racing camels. Stay with me. It’s actually a lot of good fun because it’s a mixture of strategy and pure luck. Perhaps I am biased because I won both games, but I did really enjoy it. I tend to get beginners luck with games…although this was disproved with our next game. Colt Express.

This is a game that we picked up a little while ago, but when we first opened the box, it took us so long to build all the bits that I ended up having an episode and crying before we even started playing the game. Don’t judge, I was tired. So, we thought it best to get someone to explain the rules to us face to face and run through a game with us which is where Tom stepped in again.

I have to admit that I am not really a fan of Colt Express – it isn’t necessarily complicated, but it does need more strategy than something like Camel Up, and it’s the sort of game you have to play several times to really understand how to do it well. Ain’t no one got time for that.

Aside from the games, another highlight of the shop is the comics. It’s really awesome having a comic book shop in Chichester, because it means we don’t have to go all the way to Portsmouth for new comics. The only downside is that the majority of them are single issues, whereas we both tend to go for graphic novels. However, the owners are both happy to order comics in at request.

If you’re local to Chichester, definitely pop into the shop and check it out! Also, if you have a Cineworld Unlimited card, you can get 10% discount (something Liam was particularly excited to discover). 


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