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Just like that, Christmas is over! I’m even back at work tomorrow, although only for a half day. Christmas was great. It was full of food and relaxing, as planned, and my family seemed to love their presents…and I of course loved mine!

We aren’t the type of family that have a jam packed Christmas Day…in fact, quite the opposite. Much like Christmas Eve, it’s all about theย mince pies and chill. We wake up mid morning, have breakfast, open pressies and then mooch in front of the TV. Elf was laughed at, Paul O’Grady’s “For The Love Of Dogs” was awwww’d at, and I made my sneaky escape to my bedroom once the onslaught of soaps began. Call us boring, but doing as little as possible is usually the festive goal.

Saying that, I did spend a fair amount of the evening doing a big ol’ sort out of my room. I’ve started hoarding more than I’d like, and I have so many things that need to go on eBay in the New Year that I thought I may as well do a clear out. I wonder if anyone else does stuff like this on Christmas Day? Nope, probably just me.

If you’re not a fan of blog posts where bloggers share some of the bits they got for Christmas, you might want to look away now…






As with every Christmas, I was rather spoilt with some lovely gifts from my Mum, Dad and brother! I am particularly looking forward to getting my decoupage on, covering the letters of my name in some lovely pretty minty papers to match the colour scheme of my room. Speaking of mint, I also got 2 gorgeous mint green lamps, so my room will finally have enough light to read comics in the evening…hurrah!

Other gifts included some lovely tights, Alice in Wonderland postcards, chocolates and a gorgeous sewing bag from Cath Kidston. Like I said, very spoilt…but very appreciative!

So, how was your Christmas? Share any links below to your posts about what you got so I can be nosy!


  1. Sian

    I’m glad you had a good Christmas! I don’t sort out my room on Christmas Day, but I always do before the New Year because I like to have a “fresh start”, as silly as that sounds. Your presents look fab, I love seeing what people got!

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      I think that’s why I sorted it out tbh, I hate hoarding things and now seems the best time to have a clear out! x

  2. Leah

    Ooooh that dressing gown looks so cosy, I actually got a similar one for Christmas too! I’m so jealous that you’re only back to work now, the only day I had off was Christmas Day ๐Ÿ™ I posted what I got for Christmas over on if you want to have a look!
    Leah xx

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      Cat Fyson

      It is so, so cosy! It’s basically become my uniform since Xmas hah. Love getting a cosy dressing gown for chrimbo ๐Ÿ™‚ I used to work every day except Xmas day when I worked in retail and do not miss it one bit. I salute you! x

  3. Jes

    No, I most definitely love it when people share their Christmas presents!

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

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