Christmas Snapshots

So, how was everyone’s Christmas?! Despite having a hideous bout of cold that I am still fighting off, I did get the chance to spend some time with the family.

This year we decided to open presents differently, where we each took a turn to go round and open one at a time. This meant we all got to see what the other got, and made the experience last much longer. It was lovely, and I hope it’s a tradition we keep up! I was thoroughly spoilt again this year, and am (as always) so grateful for the privileges I have.

The rest of the day was spent mooching until dinner time. My brother’s girlfriend spent the evening with us so we decided to have the Christmas ‘lunch’ as a dinner instead. It was good though, because it meant we didn’t end up stuffing our faces with cheese in the evening (we saved that for Boxing Day!).

Last year, I shared some Christmas snapshots to give you a flavour of Christmas at the family home. I thought I’d do the same again this year too. Unfortunately there aren’t as many snaps because I spent most of the time in bed.

Last year I shared a photo of both of my dogs, and it’s sad to have Zoe gone. This year, we raised our glasses to all the family members that were no longer with us, human or pet. 

I hope you all had a *wonderful* Christmas filled with family food, and gifts! I’ll share a few of the bits and pieces I got over time in the way of reviews and all that jazz!

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