Christmas Gift Buying Tips

Christmas gift tips

Don’t hate me, but my Christmas gift buying is done. Everyone is accounted for, and I can kick back, relax, and wait for the final parcels to arrive in the post.

This year has been relatively easy (y’know, except for the standard 1-2 people that are impossible to buy for). I started my brainstorming and ideas forming in October, and officially finished the buying on Sunday, so it’s never the shortest of processes when you want to do it right!

I love giving gifts, and therefore it’s important to me that at least a little bit of thought goes into each present. That’s why I thought I might share a few tips on deciding what to buy, and setting out to keep to a budget!

Brainstorming Ideas

Some people are easy to buy for, and I bet they are the ones who end up with the most gifts from you, right? Well, if you want to even out the playing field a bit and devise some more ideas for those people who are a little more difficult to buy for, here’s the questions to ask yourself!

What are their hobbies/what do they do in their spare time? 

Perhaps they are a keen photographer and so you might want to look at themed gifts such as those cool photography lens mugs, or the lens or stands you can get for smartphones.

Do they have any favourite films, TV shows or musicians?

The Internet is teaming with sites that sell memorabilia for all sorts of things, even video games. Maybe they are a big fan of Batman – in which case you have no excuse for being unable to find Batman related gifts.

If they like a particular film that was based off of a book that they haven’t read- BAM! There’s an idea.

If you don’t know the answer to the above questions, perhaps looking at getting more general gifts – skincare, foodie gifts…that sort of thing! The best way to come up with ideas is to either spend time with them, or stalk them online to find out what they like… creepy sounding maybe, but we all do it.

Making that list, checking it twice

Yep, I did use a Christmas song reference. I love this time of year.

Anyway, this part of the process involves making a list of the ideas. This may start as a keyword based on their interests, which can then eventually develop to a few gift ideas.

Personally, I use an Excel spreadsheet where I list the names of the people I’m buying for, and start listing the ideas, then the gifts, highlighting them once I’ve bought them.


I have to admit that I am terrible at this. I tend to know when to stop because I’ve already spent a lot, but I never actually list the price of gifts I’ve bought to keep track. If you are on a tight budget this year then this can really help.

There’s nothing wrong with setting a fixed price per person. It’s sometimes the only way to avoid overspending or offending. For example, you may want to spend more on your parents than on your coworkers. Nothing wrong with that.

Keep Receipts

Sometimes you get sent the wrong item, or it’s not what you expected. Keep hold of receipts and always check parcels that arrive if you’re ordering online.

There’s little worse than ordering something ages in advance, being really pleased with yourself, and then when you unbox it to wrap it up, it’s not what you were expecting!

Of course, another good reason to keep receipts is in case the recipient doesn’t like the gift/it’s the wrong size.

So there we have it – just a few tips to help with Christmas gift buying! Any advice to add? Pop it in a comment below!

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  1. Good Girl Gone Brum

    This is such good advice! I'm so impressed you have everyone sorted! I really enjoy doing some detective work around Christmas, whether that's facebook stalking or asking sly questions to try and find out what they want/need. Great post!
    Emily x

  2. Cat Fyson

    There's always 1 or 2 people on my list that it feels too awkward to ask! I.e. the partner's parents… so it's just easier to do some digging into what they are interested in! x

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