The Christmas Eve Rundown






Phew, Christmas Eve has rolled around so quickly and it’s almost the big day! Every year, Christmas Eve in the family household means baking, Christmas music and a festive nap. This year has had all this in abundance, along with a trip into town for the last minute foodie bits at M&S in the morning.

The day started early, as I rolled out of bed at 7:30am, had a shower and got prepared for M&S mayhem. In all honesty, there was no need to worry as it was surprisingly quiet in town. We got the food we needed, then stopped off at the cafe for a tea and pain au raisin to fuel our morning.

Once we got back home, we watched a little bit of Back To The Future 3, and then set about getting our bake on! Mum and I really outdid ourselves this year by making mince pies, cookies, sausage rolls and cheese and onion parcels, all to the soundtrack of Buble, Jackson 5 and Bing Crosby. All that activity was clearly exhausting, as it wasn’t long before I curled up for a Christmas nap. It’s tiring being such an excellent baker *coughcough*.

Fast forward to the evening and there’s even more food on the agenda – as us Fyson’s call it “picky food”. The spread included gooey camembert with a pizzaiola topping with pitta bread for dipping, cooked ham, the homemade sausage rolls, potato skins…the list goes on. Absolutely yummers.

So now sufficiently full and festive, we settled in to see who would be crowned the Masterchef champion (should’ve been Nick, dammit), trying and failing to resist the Cadbury Heroes and mince pies on offer.

You’ve been a great one, Christmas Eve 2015…and I look forward to tomorrow! I’ll be relishing in having a lie in, eating dippy eggs for breakfast, and looking forward to the reactions from my family when they open their presents. Plus, let’s be honest…I’m looking forward to seeing what treats I’ve got too.

I hope all my wonderful readers have a lovely Christmas, and I’ll be back on 27th for my 2016 blogging predictions! 

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