Chocolate Chunk Christmas Shortbread

Shortbread with chocolate chunks

Christmas is my favourite time of year to do a spot of baking. It’s the most indulgent time of the year after all, so I don’t really need any sort of excuse to make lots of shortbread, do I?

So, on Saturday I loaded up the recipe sent to me by my friend Emma (which is *here* if you want it РI also used it the last time I blogged about how not to make shortbread!), and made a mess with flour all over me and the kitchen. The only changes I made to this recipe were to double the ingredients to make lots, and of course add chocolate chunks to the dough.

Sugar added to kMix kitchen machine
Butter added to kMix kitchen machine
k beater creaming butter and sugar
chocolate chunk shortbread dough
christmas shortbread
chocolate shortbread recipe
They don’t quite have that crumbliness associated with shortbread unfortunately, but they are still a suitable biscuit for tea or hot chocolate dunking!

Anyway, this is me signing off for Christmas – so have a lovely one!


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