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Chew comics review

On our trip up to London for Comics Unmasked, we took a little venture to Gosh Comics (just outside of Soho) where I picked up volumes 1 and 2 of Chew. I was aware of the comic vaguely, as Liam had mentioned it in passing, but I thought it was about time to pick them up and give them a read!

To give you a bit of an overview, Chew is about an agent called Tony Chu who works for the Food & Drugs Administration. But he’s no ordinary agent, as he has a unique power that allows him to psychically see the history of any food – and people if he takes a bite. The world in which Chew is set in is a time period where chicken has been banned as part of a government conspiracy over bird flu.

OK, I’ve probably lost you now – but come back! I honestly couldn’t recommend this comic enough. It’s funny, dark and inventive. The detective story element which develops throughout the volumes keeps you hooked.

Chew comic artwork

Some of the chapters are slightly odd in structure, as they start with the consequence, and then reverts to how it happened. It makes for pretty cool and intriguing storytelling, and each of the characters are brilliant (even the bad guys!).

If you enjoy your comics with dark humour but colourful and fun artwork, then definitely give Chew a go! I’ll be buying more volumes in the future for sure!

Have you read Chew? Or any other darker but funny comics you recommend?

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