Cheap Homeware Haul

I wouldn’t say I’m overjoyed about moving home to my parents house. It’s not really what you want to be doing at 25 years of age. 
But hey, you roll with the punches as best you can and you buy pretty things to make the room look more homely and colourful. Am I right?
I challenged myself to keep costs as low as I could, by hunting out goodies in Primark, Home Sense and The Range. Oh, and a sneaky peek in Dunelm Mill, too.
mint coloured fleece throw | dunelm mill | £4.99
ice cream pots | primark | £2 for a set of 4 – with spoons!
mint small box, primark, £3 | block wooden frame, primark, £1.50 | set of 4 wooden own coasters, the range, £2 | green flower pot, home sense, £1.99
mint cushions | primark | £7 each 

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  1. Danielle Eskdale

    I think you've done an awesome job on a budget! I'm the same and like to keep costs down.
    BTW is your bed a Disney bed or is that hidden Mickey just a coincidence?!


  2. Milly Youngman

    I love finding bargain homewares – the thing that ALWAYS does it for me is new bedding, I'm addicted! Wilko is one of my go-tos for home stuff, although Primark often have lovely things too 🙂 Must check out Dunelm Mill when I'm next near one too, the throw looks lovely!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  3. Cat Fyson

    If there's something cute and relatively cheap for my room, I'm going to snap it up! It's my favourite form of shopping (even after clothes!). I got some gorgeous bedding from M&S in their sale which I should have included really, but it's still in packaging…oops. Dunelm Mill is a game changer! x

  4. Isabel

    I flipping love buying home stuff. Maybe it's because for the first time in years I'm in a home I love and am proud of, or just because I am addicted and need help from a Doctor of Shopping. I recently got a flowery glass bowl thing from Ikea and used it as a makeup brush holder and now every time I pass it I'm overwhelmed with smugness at my own genius.
    Yes okay maybe I need to stop buying home stuff. And also deflate my ego.

  5. Cat Fyson

    Ah that's so lovely that you have a wonderful space to fill lovely homeware with! Ikea is a dangerous place for me…luckily I absolutely hate shopping in their stores, but their website is a danger zone! x

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