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Some of you may already be aware of Becky’s great Becky Reads Company posts. I absolutely adore them, as like her I also generally enjoy Company magazine, but they do make some dreadful content sometimes. It occasionally feels like style over substance, or that the editor has taken some holiday just before deadline.

But one magazine that I have read a few times in the past and generally not been the biggest fan of is Cosmopolitan. My gripes have included their obsession with sex, bad writing and generally boring content.

I’m very aware that I’m probably not their target market (same goes for Company), but every once in a while I do like to divulge in Beauty (as you know from my reviews), as well as some of the more important topics of women’s lifestyle magazines.

So I thought I’d give my thoughts on the latest issue of Cosmo – seeing as I had no choice but to buy it along with Company in one of those bumper packs (what’s with those?!).

I have to confess, when I first planned to write this, I was fully expecting to go full throttle with the criticism. I had my snipes ready and waiting – but I’ll admit it, I actually enjoyed reading Cosmo (well, the interesting bits anyway) and although they still had their standard few features about sex, it wasn’t the be all and end all of the content.

In fact, that topic was actually fairly minimal in comparison to my memories of previously reading the mag. Instead we had a few great articles on empowered women, the usual but always interesting ‘real life stories’, and a great interview with Caroline Flack about body confidence.

Despite my quite frankly shocking praise of Cosmo, I do still find some of the articles a little silly (for instance, there was a piece about married men cheating on their wives on Tinder and the like which really felt like weak journalism that contradicted itself a bit), and I also always find the fashion edits as dull as dish water.

Another piece, where the topic was about sex was a guy who abstained from casual rumpy pumpy for 6 months for charity (well done mate *eyeroll*), who then claimed to appreciate dating more – but still jumped into bed on the first date after he completed his ‘sentence’.

The last article which made me a little perplexed was their ’20 biggest regrets’ feature from 20 different men – some were just plain stupid. One guy claimed his biggest regret was actually something that worked out for the best… surely he could have done better than that?

I personally wish there was a magazine out there that focused on the elements of women feeling good about themselves, showcasing strong and powerful role models. Although Cosmo isn’t perfect, it seems to be the closest – most of the time.

Do you read Cosmo? Have you read June’s issues? Let me know what you thought!

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  1. Genna Millar

    I always fellt Cosmo was a bit wishy-washy. I ache for a women's magazine which can stimulate real female discussion and include things that they like without being patronising….it's not happened yet! Plus the ads! man, I hate paying that much for so many ads! What a waste of paper!

  2. Cat Fyson

    YES! So glad I am not alone in this. So many women's mags are *way* too wishy-washy (such a good way to describe them!). I definitely think there's a level of patronising in there too…some of them claim to empower women but are really restrictive and presumptuous of our interests at large.

    Several month's back I bought ELLE magazine which is pretty much 70% ads…so annoying! x

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