Carcassonne board game

Recently, Liam bought this great game after seeing it on Tabletop. Based on a French historic town, Carcassonne is a tile based board game where you build a town based around a river. As the game progresses, the town grows and you can place Knights, Monks, Thieves and Farmers on the board to earn points.

When we decided to play Carcassonne I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t going to fully understand the rules – different tactics and their outcomes equal different amounts of points, so you do need to keep the rules close to hand the first time you play. However, once you get into the game it’s pretty easy to figure out the strategy you want to take.

One of the great things about this game is that your initial strategy, no matter how good, does not guarantee you will win. It’s fairly easy to screw over your opponents, but it’s also easy to miss out on points at the end when it all gets totalled up to determine the winner. So, throughout the game it’s pretty clear if you are in the lead, but at the end when the final points all get added up, this can all change.

Carcassonne tiles
Here are the tile pieces that are put down throughout the game. Each player picks up a tile, turns it over and positions it. The darker tiles (at the back in the picture above) are the river tiles – these are played first to form the winding river, and then the land pieces are placed to build the town around it. Everything has to connect, which can sometimes work to your benefit, and other times annoy the hell out of you!

Carcassonne scoring

The board above is the points board which you use throughout the game to track how far you’ve gotten. Believe it or not, I was the red guy and was clearly much further ahead than Liam, but it didn’t last!

Carcassonne map

Here’s our board part way through play – the pieces laid flat are the Farmers, the ones placed on road tiles are thieves and those on the darker land tiles are Knights within the city walls. On the far left, the piece is on top of a Monastery tile, making it a Monk. You get to take your pieces back once they have earned points – for example, with a Thief, points are earned once a road is complete. My top left piece took a while to earn on as the road seemed to go on forever! But I got there in the end.

I definitely recommend giving this game a go, as it’s a lot of fun and gets a bit competitive. I think we’re still learning the ropes of it (or at least I am), so we’ll certainly be playing it again!

Have you ever played Carcassonne? Or do you have any other board games you recommend? 

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  1. Cat Fyson

    It's a brilliant game, you'll both love it 🙂 I got Game of Life at Christmas, but not tried it yet! Looks interesting though.

    You're welcome 🙂 I'll go take a look now!

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