Last Friday it was a day out of the office at #BrightonSEO , a conference for those in the search marketing industry. It was my first time at the event, and I desperately wanted to go last year so it was awesome to have the opportunity to go along this year.

#BrightonSEO took place at the Brighton Dome and Corn Exchange, which I had never been to before. As well as the great speeches throughout the day, there were some exhibitors (a mix of recruiters, tech and digital marketing agencies) and plenty of opportunity to network.

Now, I’ll admit that having previously worked in the arts  I *hated* networking, because it all seemed forced but in the SEO industry it didn’t feel like that at all – the people I met were friendly, supportive and really happy to chat about what they had gained from the day.

The day started out bright and early as I got the train from Portsmouth. I inhaled 2 pain au chocolat’s and a large cup of tea to fuel me up, and then met with people from work on the train. When we got to the venue we got our name badges (and a free t-shirt), and went through to wait for the first session of speeches. The morning was a mixed bag of great and kind-of-OK-but-nothing-new-to-learn talks. A particularly good talk came from a guy who works for Twitter who was telling us about real-time marketing using the site.

Then came lunch time which meant a trip to Strada with some of the other women who work in the industry for a meet up called Digital Females, and of course to tuck in to some lush food.

Again, I met some lovely people and had a chat before having to rush off back to the Dome for the afternoon session. For this part of the day, my highlight was a talk on using data in content marketing – it wasn’t just interesting, it also inspired me to start using data more at work. After that session was over, I got chatting to some lovely freelancers who I’d only met previously through Twitter before heading in for the last part of the day for the lightning talks and the final speech from the organiser.
One small glass of wine later and I was on the train home. I didn’t fancy a late night as I was heading back to see the family in Worthing and to stay overnight. The trains were a bit of a nightmare (what’s new?) so I’m glad I didn’t try and get home any later! By that time it was chucking it down with rain, so Mum picked me up from the station, we swung by the chippy to grab some dinner, and then headed home to the warmth.
All in all it was a pretty awesome day, and I will definitely be going again in the future. It’s also inspired me to definitely apply to speak one year, once I’ve been in the industry a bit longer!

I hope you guys had a good weekend and enjoy the week ahead!

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