Brand New at Southampton Guildhall:11.04.2014

Brand New gig in Southampton ticket

On 11th April, me and a work colleague went to go see my favourite band, Brand New. I’ve seen the band a few times and they always put on a good show, and it brings back so much teen nostalgia hearing the classic songs!

We ordered the tickets a few months ago through o2 Priority (which I highly recommend if you’re on o2 and are buying tickets for participating venues!), which meant we got to join a separate shorter and much quicker queue line when we turned up to the Southampton Guildhall.

First impressions of the venue were that it was a great size for this sort of gig. Not too small, not too big. It ended up filling quite well which is always a plus.

The support acts were The Front Bottoms (yes, that’s really their name) and Saves The Day. Neither were that great, but are apparently both from the same part of the US as Brand New so it made sense to have them on the tour. Thankfully the support acts’ sets weren’t too long, and BN hit the stage at about 9:30 for a 2 hour set.

The opening of their performance was a little disappointing, if I’m honest. They opened with some of the more recent material, which is good, but I had hoped they would open with one of the older favourites.

After a few of the newer tracks, they had a brilliant block of the songs that most of the crowd were there for – Seventy Times Seven, Jude Law And A Semester Abroad, as well as Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades (I realise how random these song titles are…) etc etc. All this material was by far my favourite part of their set, as some songs from their later albums are a bit slower and don’t translate all that well to a live performance.

Unfortunately at the Guildhall, the acoustics could be better. At times there was feedback from the microphone as well as the amps, but thankfully it was fixed pretty promptly. It was nothing to ruin the gig, just disappointing for a venue that regularly plays live music.

Overall though, the performance was great. I always enjoy seeing bands from my teens live, because you remember how things were and how the music shaped you. Cheesy, right?

If you haven’t heard of Brand New, check them out over on Youtube!

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  1. Annie

    ah Brand New, that takes me back. I've not heard any of their new stuff so I would also have been waiting for the likes of seventy times 7, guernica etc when I was 16 I used to play the intro to the quiet things that no one ever knows a hell of a lot on my guitar, not sure if I ever managed to learn the rest of the song though!

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