Bowling On A Sunday

Hey guys!

Hope you have had an awesome week. On Sunday me and Liam went bowling with our friends Emma and Nick. We had arranged to do this the other week, but Emma was unwell and had to cancel. Unfortunately she’s still not well, but was just about well enough for her first ever game!

Our local bowling alley is at Gunwharf Quays – a Bowlplex which has some of the moodiest staff in ever (but in their defence they had a huge children’s party to deal with when we went on Sunday). Despite a few hiccups with our lane and the fact the lights were off for the party to emphasis the lit up pins, we still enjoyed the 3 games we played.

I am not a good bowler. I came last in 2 of the 3 games – but came second in the final game which was pretty awesome. I also got a total of 3 strikes which I was pretty chuffed with! A hell of a lot of gutterballs too, but we’ll ignore that. Unfortunately due to the lights being off for most of the time, and being quite low for the rest of the time, the photos I took are not that great.

Here’s a shot of me hoping for the best that I hit at least one pin!

Here’s Liam looking skillful with his bowl…

Emma preparing to bowl!

Nick checking his roll doesn’t go in the gutter.

Proof I got at least one strike!

I love bowling, despite how awful I am at it, so had a really good time and I’m pretty sure the others did too! After bowling we headed to the shops, me and Emma scouring Paperchase and Liam and Nick browsing HMV. I ended up getting nothing from Paperchase, but a Walking Dead tee from HMV which I have wanted for ages!

Unfortunately Emma was then feeling too unwell to join us for a late lunch so her and Nick headed home. Me and Liam went to the i bar again (we will one day take Emma and Nick there, this is the second time trying!), where Liam had a roast dinner and I had some chicken and pesto pasta. It was a great way to end the weekend.

How did you spend the weekend? Have you been bowling recently?

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