Bournemouth Snapshots

freezing and up in the air | obligatory selfie after having my makeup done | chillaxing in my Batman PJs and resting my sore feet | dusting off a raspberry creme brulee | the hot air balloon and lovely blue skies | jurassic park ootd 

At the weekend, we had a lovely trip down to Bournemouth for a gathering with Liam’s family. There was dancing, food, shopping and even a ride on a tethered hot air balloon!

I did, unfortunately, also make the mistake of trying to break in some new shoes and boy did my feet suffer for it. In fact, I’m still having to nurse them back to health with comfy shoes and numerous plasters. If I could turn back time, well…I’d definitely have left the new shoes at home.

I’d only ever been to Bournemouth once before, when me and Liam stayed there for a couple of nights as a birthday treat a few years ago. It poured down with rain the whole time we were there, so it was amazing to have such brilliant weather this time round!

We made the most of it by mooching around the shops after the whole hot air balloon experience (I’ll admit it, I was scared up there, but the sights were amazing as the sky was so clear). The Christmas market there is really good if you ever get the chance to check it out.

Another (unexpected) highlight was having my makeup done professionally on the Friday night before the family party.

Y’see, I don’t really wear makeup very often, at all, and I was dreading the thought of a stranger dolling me up to look like somebody else. I needn’t have been scared though, as it actually looked nice and natural (see the top middle pic!).

Have you ever been to Bournemouth? It looks like a great city to be a student in as there’s plenty to do. I think we’ll definitely be considering a trip back there next year.

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