self belief jumper

Never before have I had a piece of clothing I turned to to pep me up – until this jumper entered my life.

It was a bit of a blogger must-have for a little while, thanks to its trend pastel pink colour and fancy font. For me though, it was more than that. When this jumper landed in my online basket, it was at a time when I was ready to take one of the biggest risks I ever have in my life – to start my own business.

This cutesy pink jumper is actually a statement on my own self belief.

Almost five months into this crazy freelance journey, I still turn to this jumper when I need reminding of how far I’ve come and how “old me” never would have handed in her notice and traded the comfort and security of a full time job for the uncertainty of working for herself. It’s my go-to top for those days when I need a motivational oomph.

Because as empowering as choosing to work for yourself (or any big decision you make about your life) can be, those of us who dare to dream will often suffer from a complete and utter lack of self belief. There will be days when we regret our decisions or simply lack the conviction to make any.

So I’m here to tell you 1) it’s absolutely a-ok to not be in a constant state of I CAN DO ANYTHING, but 2) there are ways to bring yourself back, to start believing in yourself again. Here’s how I do it…

Remember… no one is in a constant downwards spiral

Sometimes, it can feel like everything is utterly shit. That you are utterly shit. But cast your mind back to the last time you were proud of something you did, or even the last outfit you wore that made you feel 100% *fire emoji*. Your self belief can and will come back if you can channel your feelings towards the last time you felt good about yourself.

This isn’t always easy, but I find that recording my achievements is a huge help to this. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy doing my weekly freelance vlogs over on Youtube. Keep a diary, blog or note on your phone of those times when your self belief was on point, so you always have something to recall how aces you are.



Go out…and clear your head

Self belief can sometimes be clouded by stress or lack of motivation. Get outside in the fresh air and go for a walk. Head to the nearest coffee shop for your favourite drink, listening to your favourite Spotify playlist as you go.

It’s much easier to return to a state of believing in yourself after you’ve had the chance to step away from whatever you were doing or thinking about when you started to feel that niggling feeling of self doubt.

Get to…the gym

I personally find hopping on the treadmill and running to be a huge help when I’m not feeling great about myself. Just like every damn Biology teacher ever told you, exercise does help release those wonderful endorphins.

Running works particularly well for me because once I’ve finished doing it, I feel a fresh sense of achievement. Y’know, along with a not so fresh feeling of OMG NEED SHOWER NOW.

Set…up mini goals

When your self doubt is at its peak, you may not feel like setting goals but if you make your goals small, you’ll still get that rush when you’ve achieved them.

Set a goal you know you can complete, and relish in the glory once you’ve completed it. It won’t be long before you can then scale up your goals and feel like you’re taking on the world and winning again.


Go forth and believe in yourself because you are AWESOME.