Blossoming Gifts Review

Flowers delivered by post UK
Apricot roses from Blossoming Gifts
Flowers in the post Royal Mail damaged
I love fresh flowers. I love the way smell, and how they can brighten up your spirits. If they weren’t so pricey, I’d probably have a constant flow of fresh flowers in my room (as I type, I have 3 lots of flowers in the house – these above, and 2 as leaving presents from work!).

When Blossoming Gifts got in touch with me and asked me to pick an arrangement from their Summer Flowers collection, I was presented with a list of lovely summery colours – from apricot roses, to blue hydrangea. I ended up choosing the ‘Summer Garden’ arrangement as it was bursting with coral colour.

The flowers turned up on 9 June, a day after they were expected. This didn’t really bother me as I hadn’t ordered them for a particular occasion so no one was disappointed. However, if they had been ordered as a birthday gift or similar, it would have been frustrating had they been late. They were delivered by Royal Mail in a tracked package.

Unfortunately, this meant that they were not handled in the best way. The flowers must have been laid on their side, as the water they were provided in had not reached all of the stems and some of the roses in particular had suffered. They were slightly wilted and looking sorry for themselves on arrival. What’s more, one of the dalida germini was really bent out of shape too.

Aside from these issues, I did like the selection of flowers and felt like they were skilfully arranged. They smell nice, and despite the initial damage, are still going relatively strong after a few days. I think if I were to order from Blossoming Gifts again, I would perhaps opt for the courier delivery option (DPD), pay the £3 rather than free delivery from Royal Mail and hope that the flowers were handled better in transport.

At the moment, Blossoming Gifts are offering a small box of free Duc d’O chocolates with selected arrangements. I tucked into mine pretty quick and a few of them were quite tasty.

If you fancy buying some flowers or hampers for yourself or a loved one, check them out (and order by courier!). You can even get 33% off by using the code BGIFTS33 (on selected ranges only, excludes Flowers By Post range).

Disclaimer: Blossoming Gifts contacted me and sent me a floral arrangement by post for free. All opinions are my own. 

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