Something Worse Than Blogger’s Block…

Blogger's block confidence

As a blogger, it can feel like the end of the world when “Blogger’s Block” rears its ugly head. “What is blogger’s block?” I hear you ask…it’s when you are completely and utterly out of ideas for a blog post. It sucks, and pretty much every blogger has dealt with it at least once. I find myself dealing with it quite often, but I’ve found out there is something even worse that us bloggers must battle with…

No, it’s not breaking your laptop (and trust me, I know…). It’s not dealing with the frustrating lack of light at this time of year to take your OOTD’s or flatlays.

As infuriating as these things are, I’ve found that one of the absolute worst feelings as a blogger is not a lack of ideas, but a lack of confidence in the ideas you do have.

New bloggers are rocking up left right and centre, and the “big bloggers” are only getting bigger. Content is being produced, posted and shared at an alarming rate and although we’re not all here to chase after the engagement and pageviews, we do want to be proud of what we create. Pride is getting increasingly difficult to feel, because the gap between what has never been done before, and what has been done 109648680 times before, is getting smaller.

And for me, it puts me off sometimes. I have an idea and I’ll get excited about it, and then I’ll find that not only has that idea been done, it’s been done by someone who has had the time to really create something special. Whether it’s a video, or a really in-depth post with stunning imagery to go with it, it’s been done and it’s better than what I could do with the limited free time I have.

This might sound a little pathetic, but one thing I can be proud of in sharing this is that it is truly honest. I learnt from my post about how supportive the blogging community really is that honesty is indeed the best policy.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time I couldn’t care less if someone has done a similar post to me before – when I review a film or a comic book, I know full well it’s been done a tonne of times before. When I did a review of The Revenant, several other bloggers had also done a review within the same day as mine. That’s cool, because I can read their perspective and see if it’s the same or different to my own. I love that.

What is a little disheartening is the times when your post idea is a little out of the ordinary and you see someone’s done something similar and you’re like “DAMN IT” because you don’t want to seem like you’re copying, and you read the post and it’s everything you wanted yours to be, and more.

But it’s not just that. It’s when you share an idea of what you want to blog about, just to see if anyone would be interested, and you get shot down.

This happened to me in a blogger’s Facebook group recently, and although I am sure the blogger had no intention of coming across rude, they essentially were saying “why would you do that, it’s been done before”. Thankfully, I did also get some lovely support from other bloggers who said they would love to see itΒ and it will hopefully eventually grace the blog (it’s an online course project, so I just need to invent some free time to get started with it!).

I think the key is to take your idea and push it further. Search for that different angle that will make it unique and interesting. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but I think it’ll be worth the effort.Β 


  1. Sian

    I definitely agree with this, in fact I agree with so many of your posts recently haha! There have been times where I’ve thought of doing something but then not done it because it’s been done so many times before and to a better standard. I often find that with my baking posts, I think of a cake but then a million people have done it before and probably a lot better than I could ever do it!

    But, I think we all do different takes on everything so you might do something slightly different and people might prefer yours anyway!

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      Aw, thanks hun. It’s nice to not feel alone in your rambling thoughts! I’ve definitely found it happening more to me lately and having to try and think of how to broach the topic differently, which is not always easy! I love your baking posts, particularly with your fondant icing tutorials and things because those are a little different and fun! x

  2. Lix

    Facebook groups are tricky. Which one was this, if you don’t mind asking? I’ve had to leave several blogging groups in the past because they had incredibly set ideas about blogging that clashed with mine, and whenever I asked for help with something, or advice, or had a collab idea I wanted to work on, all I got was unsolicited advice about how I should do something else. It was incredibly frustrating and unfortunately I find the UK blogging community can be like that a lot of the time.

    re: things being done, though, for what it’s worth – to me it’s all about the execution. EVERYTHING has been done. It’s how you do it that sets you apart, and it’ll be different just by virtue of it being you who does it.

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      I believe it was UK Bloggers, but I’m not 100% sure! I’m getting a bit fed up with the groups as well when it comes to the complaints about PRs etc just taking up my whole feed, but they are really helpful for when you have a question about your blog (e.g. SEO stuff). It is frustrating, because the intention with my idea was to help, and that constructive input would have been nice! But perhaps I was just a bit precious about it because of how abrupt the response was.

      I agree that it is about the execution – my problem is when I don’t have very much time to create something that is wholly different. For example, I wanted to start doing more Youtube videos and considered doing some of my Analytics guides via video, but the time that would be needed to do that, I just don’t have unfortunately.

  3. Jes

    This was perfection.

    I say, don’t change a thing about what you are doing on your blog because so far I have been loving everything – hence why I followed you, duh!

    You’re so real and that is what I love about this corner of the Internet. And who cares if someone has done it before, make it original in your own way and to be honest, you doing the post yourself is original in itself because it is from you and not anyone else.

    Thanks for being so real and honest. πŸ™‚

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      Oh bless you, thank you so much! I am proud of this blog and how it’s grown, and I think it has grown in line with the amount of work I have put in to improve the quality of the photography and content so comments like that are so lovely!

      Good point about it being original because it’s *by me*, I need to remember that when I next have an idea that I have seen has been done already!

      You’re welcome, I’ll always be that way πŸ˜‰

  4. alice gorman

    Thank you for this post! It’s nice to feel like you’re not alone when your mind is drawing a complete blank. I hope you don’t get too worked up over it, your content is always so fab.

    And regarding that question you posted on the forum, I thought that person was a right cheeky chops! I can say with confidence LOTS of people, including myself, would love your advice xxx

    PS. when you work out how to invent free time plz let me know πŸ™‚

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      You are more than welcome, lol. I feel the same way when I get a comment agreeing with my ramblings, it really does mean a lot πŸ™‚ I’ve fund the key is to not overthink things and try and go with the flow when ideas do develop. I’ve found a lot more pride in my content recently because of that, as well as more engagement with comments and tweets which is amazing.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who found that a bit cheeky – like I said, I don’t think it was necessarily meant to be negative, but I try to at least be a little sensitive to how I might come across by posting a response like that!

      I will try my best to invent free time…and you’ll be the first to know once I figure it out πŸ˜‰

  5. Margot

    For this reason I don’t really share my ideas in the groups, with one or two trusted bloggers yes, but not with the groups. Doesn’t matter how good / nice the group is there will be always one or two people there not worth sharing ideas with…

    Do your thing and do not worry about anything and anyone, as long as it makes you feel good πŸ˜‰

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      I’ll certainly think twice before I plan on doing it again! Like I’ve said in a few other comments, I’m not sure if people intend to come across as rude when responding to your ideas, but I don’t think it’s hard to be polite! Anyway, don’t you worry I’ll definitely be continuing to do my thing!

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