A while ago, I blogged about celebrating our successes, no matter how small. Today, I wanted to blog about how awesome bloggers are and how many incredible transferable skills we have!

No matter what stage of your career you’re at (even if you haven’t stepped on the ladder yet!), your blog is dead useful as a tool for sharing your talent with prospective employees – if you choose to of course!

It’s always up to you who you share your blog with, but I would recommend using it as a portfolio for job interviews – after all, it’s gotten me well and truly on the Digital Marketing ladder!

But what skills does running a blog involve?


Obviously, your blog is made up of your wonderful, wonderful words. Whether you inject humour, sincerity or take on a whole new persona in the words you write, being able to demonstrate that you write with clarity is a big positive that we don’t talk up enough!

It’s one thing to be able to string sentences together but to capture the attention of your followers with what you write is a whole other thing.


Most of us edit our own words. That’s no easy job, as most writers will have someone else to cast their eyes over to check for grammar, punctuation, spelling etc.

By growing our reading lists, we also have the chance to read over other blogs. We get to learn and adapt from the way our favourite blogs write (note: this is not the same as copying).


Whether you’re a DSLR wizard who can’t remember the last time they switched to ‘Auto’, or a smartphone snapper; the photos on your blog add even greater depths to your words, and truly paint a picture to support what you have to say.

Many bloggers are also pretty nifty at photo editing, regardless of whether we have professional software or online tools as our weapons. We also have the patience to work through a lot of images to find the one which is just right.

Web Design

You might think that you wouldn’t know your way around HTML, or perhaps you are actually pretty darn good at it. Either way, the passion is there to make your blog look good.

You know the basic principles of a good looking blog, and that if you keep a blog looking clean and contemporary, more readers are likely to stick around (however, every blog is different and the design is a reflection on you!).

Graphic Design

If you designed your own logo or any of the elements on your blog, then you do have some bragging rights around your graphic design skills!

Even if you have someone make these elements for you, you still need to have a good eye for graphic design! You know what looks good and represents your online ‘brand’.

Social Media

Hands up if you’re a Twitter addict, or if you’re Instagram obsessed. Yep, me too. To both.

Social media is super trendy as a skill nowadays, and if you are working to build a community on either of these (or other platforms), then you are doing a great job.

If you promote your blog posts on social media, keep an eye on the referral traffic that the posts are gaining so you can really beef up your popular referral networks!

Planning And Organisation

Keeping a blog up to date is hard! Sometimes I will go a month without posting (thanks Labyrinthitis…). Being able to meticulously plan each post and decide when to publish (and promote) is a great example of brill organisation.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas, but we always manage in the end. Having an editorial calendar is a big help on this, and something I am working on at the moment!

So, there we have it. Just some of the skills that being a blogger involves! Any more to add? Let me know in the comments!