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January 14, 2018

I’ve been blogging for a long time now, but I’ve not always felt like a “good” blogger. I don’t just mean in terms of comparing my content to others, but also my role within the community.

The usual excuse that springs to mind is being too busy. Finding time just to post on here is not always easy, let alone supporting other blogs or even finding the time to be consistent with my posts.

In 2017, I was a pretty pants blogger. Sure, I kept my blog updated and saw some gradual growth throughout the year but there are definitely things I want to do this year to improve this space and become a better citizen of Bloggersville. Here they are…

Buy Dog Valium

I started to get better at planning my content towards the end of last year by digging out my Buy Ambien Zolpidem Ultimate Blog Planner and jotting down ideas, but I still have a long way to go to make sure I am never in the position I am now where I’m typing up a post the day before to keep up with my already slightly sporadic schedule!

Earlier this week, I got my finger caught in my car door and badly bruised it which has meant I wasn’t able to write things down (or put on my bra without assistance, or tie my shoes etc…) so using my blog planner wasn’t an option.

Instead, I’ve been typing up my blog post ideas into an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve been opening it up whenever I come up with an idea and instead of closing it as soon as I’ve typed out that idea, I give myself a couple of minutes to see if I can come up with any more. Not exactly a groundbreaking plan but it has really helped to build up a bank of blog post titles to come back to!

Read and comment more

I love reading blogs, and discovered some real gems this year. I’m also loving the rise in “think pieces” in particular. However, I know I should find more time to read and be inspired by other blogs. It’s like what they say about authors – to improve their craft, they read more books.

So in 2018, let’s read more blogs. Let’s make it a goal to read so many posts in one week. Not just from our trusty faves, but from new discoveries too. I personally plan to try and spend more time in the evening reading content instead of aimlessly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram…

But as well as just reading more, I want to be a better blogger in 2018 by commenting more. If I enjoy a post and have something to say, instead of keeping those thoughts in my head I want to share them as well. When I get a nice comment on my post it really makes my day and I want to spread that feeling around.

Support fellow bloggers

As well as reading and commenting on blogs, I want to take that support further by sharing their posts on Twitter, or by giving them a shoutout on Instagram.

Much like seeing a new comment notification on WordPress, getting a shoutout on social media gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I love seeing others get those shoutouts too, so this year I want to make sure I’m getting involved.

I mentioned this in my Buy Ambien Online Uk post, so I’m positive the community spirit will be strong this year!

Just a few of the ways you can support your fellow bloggers are: by retweeting their posts, sharing links to your favourite posts or even doing a round up post of your favourite reads like Emma over at Buy Adipex Online 2014 does with her Saturday Share series.

How do you think you can become a better blogger in 2018?ย 

24 responses to “How To Be A Better Blogger In 2018”

  1. Interesting to read some tips, love the look of those planners! I play on a weekly basis for my blog, feel I should try to change that!

    • Cat says:

      Thanks Beth, glad you enjoyed the post! I do the same but usually my weekly planning is panicking on a Sunday that I have no posts for the week! That definitely needs to change!

  2. I agree with everything in this post, I know that personally I need to plan my posts a little better this year and comment on more blogs! These are just really small easy things that actually have a big impact on my blog! Really nice post!xx

    Buy Real Valium

  3. Planning is one of the few things that I’m actually really good at! I’ve currently got enough content to last me all through February, but I definitely need to work on networking with bloggers more. I’ve got a few blogger friends whose posts I always read and engage with, but I know I need to branch out more and comment on other people’s posts as well. Here’s to supporting fellow bloggers more in 2018

    Indya || Buy Diazepam Next Day

    • Cat says:

      I am so jealous! I’ve fallen behind yet again and don’t have any content written up at all! Best of luck with branching out, I’m sure you’ll discover lots of fab blogs out there!

  4. I definitely want to spend more time looking for and reading new blogs. I tend to stick to my faves, like yours, and ignore the rest. I’m sure I’m missing out on lots of other wonderful blogs, so I’m going to make this a priority this year.

  5. This was so great to read! I feel exactly the same, thereโ€™s more to blogging than just writing your blog – Iโ€™ve only just started blogging again after several years away from it and the community is so incredibly lovely and engaging and supportive and itโ€™s inspirational in itself. Absolutely agree that this is the year for supporting others and growing our blogs together, congrats on such a lovely post! Iโ€™m sure youโ€™re going to kill it blogging this year xxx

  6. I definitely need to plan waay further ahead! Great post! The Dot Designs planners are gorgeous!! Wishing you the best of luck with your 2018 goals ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I got the DotCreates blog planner for Christmas and it’s seriously a game changer. I feel loads more organized.

    Regarding commenting more, I’m working on this. I’ve installed the Pocket app on my phone, so that when I’m browsing and see an interesting blog post I’ll just add it to the app so I can later comment from my computer.
    I find it very fiddly to comment from my phone so half the time I read a post and end up lurking. By using pocket I end up with a nice little reading list at the end of the week which I’m going through right now with a huge mug of coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

    With a lot of things changing on social, I’m putting more effort into my website which is ultimately where I want people to visit rather than getting likes on a social post. I often click like on someone’s instagram post and they mention in the description link in bio. 2018 is the year I actually pay attention to this call to action.

    I’m using Feedly to keep up with my favourite blogs too. Which reminds me I need to sort out my lists so it’s easier to keep up with everyone and the new blogs I’m following.

    Hope your finger is healing and you feel better. Noticed on IG stories you were feeling poorly but at least you have puppers to keep you company. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Cat says:

      The Dot Creates planners are definitely a game changer – couldn’t agree more! I never got on with using Pocket, I downloaded it once and just never used it, but glad it’s working for you! Commenting on a phone is near impossible – I’ve typed long comments out on my phone before, clicked to submit and it hasn’t work and all my typing was gone! So annoying.

      Feedly is great – it’s what I use too ๐Ÿ™‚ Much better than using Bloglovin which fills your feed with content you don’t even follow!

      Finger is on the mend for sure, still a little tender…but any excuse to get the OH to do the washing up for a bit longer ๐Ÿ˜‰ Despite the illness, having a dog around has been a big help…great therapy!

  8. Great post! Thank you for sharing these tips!
    I’m definitely not the most “constant blogger”, but this year I’m going to write more (lol I’m saying that 2nd year in a row but whatever) and for sure I want to comment more on blogs and engage with other bloggers in general.

  9. Fantastic post Cat! I feel like we could all be better at supporting eachother, so that’s definitely something i’m going to work towards this year x

    Buy Valium Egypt

  10. These are things I need to do more of this year. I always go in spurts of writing and reading a lot to going weeks without touching anything blog related. Its so hard to stay consistent and I have definitely gotten out of planning my posts. I just kind of write when I gey an idea. Thanks for the blogging ideas!

    – Courtney
    Cheap 2Mg Xanax Bars

    • Cat says:

      I also need to do them more, I’m rubbish at practising what I preach! I can definitely be the same as you, having spurts then feeling a bit lost and I definitely need to get better at planning as well. I’m confident we can both do it though!

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