Balancing a full-time job, a blog, and life can be a struggle. I’ll be the first to admit I probably don’t have the balance right, so when Joe Bloggers on behalf of Simply Health got in touch about a little quiz to find out what your work/life balance says about you, I was intrigued to find out how I’d fare.

According to Simply Health, there are 3 types of person – those who clearly distinguish a divide between work and life (separator), the in-betweeny person who blur the lines a little (integrator), and the volleyer who tends to bounce between the two other types by prioritising well.

Before I took the quiz, I would have comfortably put myself in the ‘volleyer’ camp. But, you’ll have guessed from the post title that it turns out I’m an integrator!

Upon thinking about it, it totally makes sense. I do sometimes (often) check my work emails in the morning or evening at home. I do occasionally (often) stay at my desk over lunch and read my personal emails and schedule my blog post promo tweets. The line is very blurred!

I’d much rather be a bit more of a volleyer who is able to juggle priorities better so that when I need to put myself first, I can. So I had a think about how I could make this happen and came up with the following tips – not just for myself, but any fellow integrators out there!

Switch off after work

This is much easier said than done when there’s a lot on at work! But I think it’s really important to not be checking the work emails that can wait until the next morning. I trick myself into thinking its a good idea so I’m not surprised by what to expect when I reach my desk, but it really could wait!

Find time for myself

I have gotten better at this since moving back home. I can shut myself away if I need and listen to Spotify or watch Netflix, but I do occasionally feel that notorious blogger pressure, where you open up Blogger, set up a new post and then hope for all the ideas to come flooding through.

As much as I adore blogging, it doesn’t always feel like a way of relaxing! I’d like to make more use of my new mindfulness colouring book, and at the weekend when the weather is nice to spend more time going to listen to the waves.

Setting personal priorities

I am an expert at setting workplace priorities (if I say so myself…), but personal priorities I struggle much more with. I don’t like to set cold, hard goals, but I am starting to think about the ‘order’ I want to achieve things in. Learn to drive, get a car, get a flat…all that jazz. No definitive deadlines, but it’s a start!

By having these goals, I can think a bit more about myself and my future, so it’s not all work, work, work!

Disclaimer: I was invited to write this post on behalf of Simply Health with a gift incentive. All opinions are my own.