…Because Motivational Quotes Are So Passé

Mini framed quote
Framed quote in calligraphy
Framed Stan Lee quote
I love beautiful calligraphy. I so envy those that can make text look quite so wonderful. Minny Bee is one of those lucky ladies who is incredibly artistic (she inspired me to try being more creative as well).
I like her page on Facebook, and I was delighted to see she has been working on mini framed quotes which ooze adorableness. I just had to have one. But what quote to go for?
I wracked my brain for all of about 5 minutes. I knew I didn’t want a cheesy motivational quote, and instead something a little different which tied into my nerdier side. So, what’s better than one of Marvel’s most famous quotes?
I was inspired by watching a Stan Lee documentary on Netflix (which despite being rather dated, I highly recommend), and the importance of this quote in Marvel’s history came up and although I am not an avid Spidey fan, I still love this quote and loved the idea of having it in a cutesy style font and frame.
Upon choosing my quote, all I had to do was send it over to Minny, and she was kind enough to give me a 10% discount on my order for mentioning her previously on the blog. The frame was sent to me surprisingly fast and in that all-important secure packaging. She was also kind enough to send me a picture of the quote beforehand to ensure I was happy with it before sending it to me which was really appreciated!


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