Batman Detective Comics: Faces Of Death

Batman Detective Comics Faces Of Death review

I wanted this graphic novel for a while before I finally got round to buying it. What enticed me was the creepy cover art and a couple of glimpses at the artwork inside. When I did eventually get it, it took me some time to actually get round to reading it. For some reason with graphic novels, I’ll buy them and then stash them away for a bit. I’m attempting to get out of this habit by taking them to work to read on the train.

This collection is part of the Batman Detective Comics series, and I was slightly nervous about a detective style comic as detective stories in general can occasionally overcomplicate themselves and become a bit tedious. Unfortunately, this was exactly what happened.

The first half of the story is amazing – when it’s just focused on the Joker and his wild antics it’s a lot of fun but it does still have that detective crime to be solved element to it. However, around half way through the story takes a turn and becomes less focused on the Joker, and more on Penguin and a couple of other Gotham supervillians. It all becomes a bit too laden with storylines, and I lost interest towards the end. It took me a couple of days to read for this reason, and it hasn’t persuaded me to move on to volume 2.

The story had a lot of potential at the beginning, and perhaps future volumes will iron out the issues I had with this one, but I’ll admit I’m in no rush to find out if this is the case.

Have you read this issue? Do let me know what you think or if you have any others to recommend. 


  1. Angela

    I'm totally unconvinced by Tony Daniel as a writer. He's a great artist, but he seems to lose his way mid-story as you've found. I don't understand why DC pushed him so hard as a Name.

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