Bank Holiday Happenings

Hello lovely lot! I hope you had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend which feels long gone now!

Here’s some of the highlights of my time off…(excuse the sometimes naff iPhone pics!)

– Friday Night Movie Night – Jersey Girl (which was pretty good actually, although a little depressing at times!)

– A lovely lie in followed by some retail therapy in Portsmouth on Saturday, followed by a Costa Creamy Cooler on the train home. Mmm.

– Setting up our new TV on Sunday morning with Liam’s family, followed by an amazing lamb roast dinner and treacle tart at our local pub. Double mmm.

– Taking a Sunday nap. They always feel the best because they’re reserved for Bank Holidays (otherwise you just muck up your sleeping pattern for work on Monday).

– Watching Star Wars in the evening for the first time on Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) and actually rather enjoying it! We then watched some episodes of The Inbetweeners – it honestly never stops being funny.

– Visiting a local garden centre on the Monday and hovering about looking lost until we could find someone to help us out. Our pond filter has a leak, and it turns out we need the old school Yellow Pages to find someone local to come and take a look! Still, we got to see some ducks, which is always fun.

– Following our garden centre adventure with a Wetherspoons Burger for lunch, and then a quick trip to Argos for some new ceiling lamp shades (so rock and roll)

– An evening chilling, watching Game of Thrones and 24 as well as blogging. Bliss!

– A Tuesday off work, which means an indulgent breakfast of scones with clotted cream and jam. Mmm.

– The long-awaited haircut. My hair has been feeling so heavy and messy as of late that it desperately needed a snip and TLC!

– Ending time off with another relaxed evening before falling back into routine for a few days!

How did you spend the Bank Holiday, and what are your plans for this weekend?

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